Treating Emphysema / COPD with Medical Cannabis

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Medical marijuana patient and double lung transplant candidate Vey Linville discusses using marijuana to treat his severe emphysema and tells the truth about dispensaries in San Diego, the recent federal crackdown in California, and his efforts in Imperial Beach. Medical Marijuana Patient Tells All; Dispensaries, Activism, Fighting Emphysema


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LeafFreedom says:

The head of the DEA should have to speak with this man. ASAP

LeafFreedom says:

Is the girl a robot?

oniowa30 says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! we have been looking for any type of Medicine for our grandma! This gives us hope again! crossing our fingers!

Trula Phillips says:

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Indigosnakes says:

Great interview. I was diagnosed with emphysema several months ago. Considering trying medical marijuana.

NileSings says:

Very Potent and Eye-Opening interview!

bakersfieldmusicnow says:

so awesome much love!! passin it on…stand tall..know your rights!

marijuanagate2health says:

The book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease” explains how the cannabinoids in marijuana mimic our natural cannabinoids whose job it is to prevent disease and to interrupt disease processes. and thereby improve our health

Efil4zaggin808 says:

Thank you! As an asthmatic I know you speak truth! Cannabis is the most effective treatment without the dire consequences inherent in our big pharm designer drugs.

bakersfieldmusicnow says:

you mean “cannibus” right.! the PLANT..that’s been here forever…and KNOWN to cure cancer…?…that wonderful thing.?.. the people of the earth should grow this more than anything else. the governments that suppress this are pure EVIL in the now.! do your research.much love.

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