Purple Elephant & Afgoo Medical Marijuana Strain Reviews.

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Smoking and showing some purple elephant and afgoo medical marijuana strains. And a dab to end the session, stay faded YouTube.com
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MrDj14696 says:

where do you get all these diffferent strains from?? and do you think that there is a lot diff strains overseas?? (typically italy) ? respond please

KillaByNatur3 says:

why the fuck wouldnt you show the purple elephant?

Clubo201470 says:

Did you hit puberty last week?? Damn drop your balls bro

Clubo201470 says:

Your voice gave me a headache. Now I need to smoke some afgofuckyourself

DeaththeKiddtk1 says:

LMAO i think he made hash and smoked it.

titsbeerbong420 says:

No beer this time. May of been 1st video I seen like this but I havnt seen them all yet but seen alot cheers peace n pot awsome videos btw

Sir StayReal says:

Purple Elephant is an amazing strain.

hector diaz says:

are you all ways smokeing

Nick420CA says:

@houstxon22 a dab

houstxon22 says:


Nick420CA says:

@JSTGRIFF it has a small Downstem in it. It can hold mcfinns virgin carbon or water. I use water. Yeah it helps keep it clean. I use slides with built in glass screens or a glass screen so not a lot of ash goes past y slide

JSTGRiFF says:

u said properly 8 times in like 15 seconds hahaha

also does that blue thing under where u put the bowl catch the ash??

highimcurtis says:

nick, first of all, great vids man. love what your doin. second, from someone who comes from a non medical state, it;d be awesome if you could be more descriptive, rather than a broad “strain taste”. puts a better image in the brain. thanks bro. stay up.

Lurchsd says:

Sweet I luv purple

Nick420CA says:

@Yochum1999 I do like a good purple Urkel or grape ape! Never the strongest but tasty! Stay high

tHcEmMaN says:

Good shit, purple gets me super drowzy though, Good for sleep, nice rips..

Yochum1999 says:

but for sure shidos grow was just too warm for the plant to do all that and stayed green it looks dam good and sounds like it tastes great too. Props to mr S. Fasho

Yochum1999 says:

there are genetic purples too that are strait purple from the begining to end the true Apothecary Genetics – Grape Ape or purple urkle both are examples if the one you see is the true one they are purple from the begining of flower to end. And some Ruderalis or auto flowers have strait purple genetics. Some strians will NOT purple at all even with low temps others are more susceptible to the purpling usually due to neut lock out from drastic temp changes at the end of flower during flushing

kootchbitch says:

My mouth waters over that purp el

LibertySkunk says:

niiice 4:20

tokin28532 says:

That gauntlet you did bro, was on some
G shit aha, you knocked it out like a champ.
And that purple elepahnt looks amazing,all around a
good ass lookin strain.
stay stoney bro, and look out for a new vid here ina bit

SmokinJsAllDay says:

nice vid nick, always enjoyable, stay lit buddy.

Nick420CA says:

Yeah yesterday was super fun! I love the gauntlets! And we all have nice glass that’s always fun! Stay faded

GameMaster5996 says:

I bet you were so stoned yesterday. Haha stay high bro

james cordova says:

o hell ya first view on this one. just got done watching ur 6 dab gauntlet man. thats how u do it man .

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