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Strict NJ Marijuana Laws Snub Epileptic Toddler

Strict NJ Marijuana Laws Snub Epileptic Toddler

The family of an epileptic toddler is moving from New Jersey to Colorado after failing to get Chris Christie to loosen the state’s medical marijuana law… R…
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Colorado’s plan to create the world’s first financial system for the pot industry was signed into law.

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15 Responses

  1. Drew Grow says:

    No fear

  2. Secular Talk says:
  3. Skytalon says:

    Edible cannabis is much more healthy for a body that cannot handle the
    stress of inhaling vapor or smoke. Medical cannabis should be defined as
    edible, where open sale of raw material should be considered recreational.
    Both should be legal and available to customers 18 and over. Drug testing
    for cannabis should only be used for operators and manufacturing as a
    grounds for denial of employment. All other professions should accept that
    it’s safer than Tylenol…which shuts down liver function. 

  4. Shawn Selmont says:

    Strict NJ Marijuana Laws Snub Epileptic Toddler

  5. 46619TAB says:

    We all know with people like Chris ‘jabba the hutt’ Christie that if this
    sort of thing affected them personally, things would be different. Seems
    he’s gotten past that hug with his president incident, his ignorance is
    showing again.

  6. Peter Baxter says:

    The little girl didn’t donate to his campaign or endorse him, why would he
    lift a finger for her instead of grabbing for another slice of pie.

  7. gjford says:

    I’ll bet if corporations wanted chewable pot, Christie would be okay with

  8. amoscarmel says:

    Since when American politians care about their citizens in their states?

  9. matthew saffle says:

    i hate to go right to the fat joke, but chris christie against something
    edible? seriously? i figured he would want more things to be edible.

  10. Abortion is never immoral says:

    I think the Cannabis that’s used for the treatment of epileptic seizures is
    fairly low in its THC content and is higher in CBD content. They make an
    edible oil from it so you don’t smoke it. On top of that, due to the low
    THC concentrations, you don’t really get high off it.

  11. DatNOboi Atrocious says:

    It takes a special kind of asshole to force a family to go through this in
    order to save their daughter from a medical condition, rather than just
    letting her have her medicine.

    Chris Christie is that kind of asshole. Fuck NJ for voting this asshole
    into office.

  12. nriab23 says:

    I have epilepsy, and I wouldn’t touch smoking that even if it helped..
    However if it’s someone else why not?

  13. Craig Browning says:

    He only cares for Unborn children.

  14. Ryan Swanson says:

    It’s funny, they don’t want to “sweep that last part under the rug” when it
    comes to citizens voting to strip the equal rights from gay people. Equally
    absurd, they use the slippery slope argument there too. Conservatives just
    embody what it means to be a hypocritical douche.

  15. yakyakyak69 says:

    Pushing for a cashless, tracked, managed, taxed, controlled, regulated,
    manipulated, society… (Orwell would be shocked.)