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Ron Paul on marijuana, prohibition, and personal freedom

John Stossel’s interview with Ron Paul. Ron talks about the failed War on Drugs, public perceptions , and solutions for returning to a sane policy in handling this issue.

Amendment 64 is a 2012 ballot initiative that would end the prohibition of marijuana in Colorado and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated similarly to alcohol — www.RegulateMarijuana.org
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50 Responses

  1. tgezing27 says:

    This man needs to be president.

  2. CaveofTwoLovers says:

    I’m Australian and my input seems unnecessary, but I give it anyway!
    The ‘mericuh’n way.

  3. Dante Matthew says:

    You guys tired of the BS?

    time to be set free.. Google truth contest and read ‘The Present’

    LIFE CHANGING. Completely free. And the website doesn’t allow ads. Truth should be free.

  4. Hulksmasing says:

    I’m from Turkey and i love this man. if i were american i will vote for him.

  5. den lyd says:

    its a shame we dont have more politicians like ron paul.he talks sense.i hope he becomes president,america and the world would benefit.

  6. Redant23 says:

    If not I will take Rand Paul

  7. Todd LaFontaine says:

    Ron Paul 2016, God willing.

  8. TheProgUnderground says:

    Someone needs to put a bullet into Obama’s head. Make it a high caliber, I want to see a the white house pillars through the hole in his skull.

    …Too much? What, this guy has 4 more years of fucking America, and you think its too much?

    You’re right, I’m not even American. Still…

  9. JailPotheadsForLifeB says:

    Fuck corrupt laws. The government is the definition of kook.

  10. hayleybug314 says:

    Ron Pal should’ve been president..

  11. goldwaterproductions says:

    if ron paul was president, we as america will be back in our prime.

  12. dwanedelana says:

    Ahh…the message of Liberty…sweet music to my ears.

  13. shangshow91 says:

    Ron Paul 2016! If he lives that long

  14. SketchyTree says:

    WHY? because I agree with this guy, almost, if not, completely.

  15. SketchyTree says:

    I feel like an asshole because I didn’t vote this election year. I’m an idiot; I would have voted for Ron Paul. I am a failure as an American citizen because I didn’t exercise my right to vote. I’m sorry Ron Paul. I support you.

  16. dsspike51 says:

    If Americans won’t elect him president, can you send him up to Canada so we can make him prime minister? (I’m o.k. with ammending our constitution)

  17. Felix Majayo says:

    when america was in the depression in the 1920s we leagalized alcohol,so why cant marijuanae leagalize now

  18. BigLWutangNas says:

    your a kook, look up some famous quotes about marijuana, washington and jefferson smoked it, albert einstein was quoted on it saying the government banning it was stupid, and the greatest olympian of all time michael phelps smokes marijuana. All of those people are a lot more successful than your ass.

  19. Julian Thorn says:

    This man is a GOD! Seriously… everything he says makes so much sense! I wish he was voted president… not for the sake of America… but for the sake of the whole world.

  20. Jeremy Pike says:

    That was a frighteningly accurate depiction of our criminal justice system. Well done!

  21. 11pkthomas says:

    I agree, except for the end. He said we wouldn’t regulate religious or philosophical choices because they don’t hurt others. But drug use can affect and hurt other people besides the user. Otherwise, Ron Paul speaks the truth

  22. IndyDefense says:

    The reason Ron Paul didn’t get the republican nomination is because the republicans know he wouldn’t be their puppet like Romney is.

  23. VhUgGz says:

    Fuck Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul. He’s a kook

  24. DomestikMC says:

    Fuck Ronald Reagan. He’s the one who’s responsible for how fucked up our country’s polices about drugs are. Fucking dick.

  25. crosshairs3 says:

    I’m American as well and this is very true. Ron Paul has a great idea on how to run a government but sadly most people aren’t ready for his ideas

  26. Jim Cash. says:

    Wow, 6 plants per house hold, or person. But it’s about time to legalize it. WTH. liquor kills thousands……….Mary will just calm and make some study and work smarter. But people need to NOT ABUSE it..! Treat it with respect dont become a wastoid ! Lets hurry up with the rest of these states.

  27. brayangrif says:

    Chi si fa le canne non si vergogna più di niente, fa del male agli altri e non gli importa niente

  28. kottonklown says:

    2 OUNCES!

  29. rtnell54 says:

    yes maryjane helps people so watch the garden its growing from the almlghty.

  30. rtnell54 says:

    mj is from our land it does not need to be process so we the people has the choice.not the fed.wake up people.i was down on the farm with a corn cob pipe smoking and toking and rolling in the hay frying and burning my brain away so when ever you can drop on by we will smoke coulpe and get little hi.

  31. Greenlife711 says:

    Cannabis oil CURES cancer and virtually any health problem. watch “Run From The Cure” and search ” GRANNY STORMS LIST” on google for a huge list of scientific facts. The reason it is so illegal is because it will put the whole pharmaceutical industry out of business and expose the genocide that they have caused over all this time by prescribing poison to people for PROFIT. Also, HEMP is illegal because it would put out many other industries such as oil companies and tree killers. LEGALIZE *copy*

  32. em4rtzz says:

    Prohibition?! A child’s idea of morality.

  33. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    thanks for more proving my point even more.

  34. 2223jason says:

    hey smart guy cigarrets are a drug, aspirin is a drug, medicine for the common cold…..is a drug. because something is a drug that doesn’t make it bad for you. Like the rest of life, there are good drugs and there are bad drugs.

  35. 2223jason says:

    so even if you were right, which your not, marijuana is not on that list. So your entire argument this whole time is completely forfeit. TROLL

  36. 2223jason says:

    theres no correlation to smoking weed and getting a brain hemorrage. Didn’t you go to school? Haven’t you learned about the scientific method? Just because things happen around the same time that does not prove a correlation. OMFG your argument is so silly I can’t believe I’m actually taking the time to answer you. Shoot me.

  37. 2223jason says:

    are you kidding me? your a moron. A complete and total MORON. Weed had absolutely nothing to do with your brain hemorrhage. Do you have proof linking weed as the direct cause of your brain hemorrhage? It was most likely the cause of a problem building up over time.

    You seriously think that your the one person in over ten thousand years of marijuana use to be harmed by it? It has never harmed anyone, EVER. I bet you dont believe in evolution either. Without proof your words mean nothing.

  38. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    “illiterate fuck” must be talking to a hillbilly that fucks his cousins.well whatever man, I wont judge you but you hit strike 3 . especially since you thought of that word.So have fun with your cousins. If your confused look up lliterate…if you are confused

  39. Nick Richarme says:

    ever heard of g-13 you stupid illiterate fuck? it’s pathetic how much people “trust” this government.

  40. wyattkatsos says:

    More better business? Check your grammar, Bitch.

  41. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    also the govt isnt going to be growing it.Im not sure where ur getting your where your getting your information from.Cause you have like literally no idea what your talking about…..

  42. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    its considered a drug even alcohol is.I know what you mean by its not a drug as in like meth but nonetheless its still a drug

  43. Nick Richarme says:

    also, marijuana is NOT a drug. it’s a medicine, natural medicine, that has limitless possibilities.

  44. Nick Richarme says:

    you think bc the government is growing it that the marijuana is going to be 100% safe? dude your dealer is 1000x less sketchy and more efficient than our government. money says they will have chemicals pumped into it just like tobacco. marijuana is a natural substance and needs to remain that way.

  45. Ben Cooper says:

    Why can’t the fucking WORLD open their fucking eyes and make pot legal EVERYWHERE. Weed is fucking AMAZING!

  46. steelcash says:


  47. steelcash says:

    I swear sometimes I wonder if these people have a brain in their heads. They still think prohibition might work someday.  They are very obtuse. They are morons.

  48. steelcash says:

    Sheriff Ted: You will change your tune. I guarantee it. Once you see the POSITIVE impacts that MJ has on the state, you will be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll admit it… mark my words. Amie… you should educate yourself on the effects of MJ. Not only that, I’m surprised you don’t know that prohibition makes it easier for teens to get it. NEWS FLASH: Just say no doesn’t work. It’s cute and all, but it doesn’t work. Nor does prohibition. WHY DON’T YOU KNOW THIS?

  49. hillbillydeluxe08 says:

    All the founding fathers smoked. Are they stupid?

  50. Gyva02 says:

    Please sign this petition online at wh . gov/9xcy without spaces to get Marijuana removed from it’s schedule 1 status. Only around 5000 more signatures needed. All you need is an email address to sign it. Thank you! And thumbs it up.