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President Obama on Cannabis, Hemp or Marijuana

Recorded in the Casual Office, President Obama tells the facts about Hemp, Cannabis or Marijuana and what it can do for the US economy. The history of the pr…

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7 Responses

  1. mackraceing says:

    Very well put.Hopefully this will sink in they do have freaking thick skulls

  2. wukilla11 says:

    good job man!!

  3. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    dot info

  4. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    mail4hemp at Gmail stands with you.

  5. tompants2010 says:

    The last 6 mins or so have been copied from another hemp video. I think its
    called the truth about hemp. This is just the words from that video with a
    crappy animation.

  6. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    I will post this on my website hempblog

  7. SUITSUSALL says:

    Approximately 6% of the agricultural land area of the contiguous United
    States would produce more Cannabis Biomass than is required to supply all
    current demand for gasoline, diesel, and oil in the US. 4/5 of everything
    being done on this planet are dependent on some kind of OIL product. The
    reason cannabis/hemp was made illegal even with overwhelming proof of its
    SAFE RELAXING HERB is to continue the profiteering of the very few! See:
    THE REPORT: Cannabis: The Facts, Human Rights And The Law