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Pat Robertson: Legalize Marijuana

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Drug war strikeback! Organizations that include sheriffs, narcotics officers and big-city police chiefs slammed Attorney General Eric Holder in a joint lette…
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50 Responses

  1. Jay Broad says:

    This is the only smart thing I’ve ever heard him say!

  2. Se7enBeatleofDoom says:

    Like anyone would be surprise if it turned out Pat Robertson smoke’s
    weed…… A lot of weed.

  3. Marlon Smith says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  4. frank smith says:

    Legalize all drugs give free drugs to addicts it would put every drug
    dealer in the world out of business. If people want to do drugs and ruin
    there life and go to hell let em.

  5. naughtycursor says:

    OH MY GOD, please take down the captions. Whoever does the
    captions…hello?? It’s too distracting, plus they get 90% of the words
    wrong. I feel really bad for deaf people trying to figure out what these
    people are trying to say. There is an option for captions so let people
    choose it and take down the ones that are on the video. JEEZ!

  6. MIB205 says:

    i agree legalize it

  7. FATKATKY says:

    Yep, he has gotta be usin.

  8. RobNLynchburgVA says:

    The earth just spun out of its orbit……..CRAZY man

  9. Ceruleaneye says:

    @Sneezlebob Please do some ACTUAL research on pot, if you knew anything
    about you would know that pot does not kill brain cells, but rather
    promotes cell growth in the hippocampus region of the brain. Alcohol is the
    drug that not only kills brain cells, but destroys your body as well.

  10. jeffreydebra1 says:

    This is interesting.

  11. zekdom says:

    @seriousflo 15th state was Arizona. Conservative state too 🙂

  12. 12dollarsand78cents says:

    Ron Paul sucks 2012. and 2013, and 2014…he sucks forever.

  13. frank smith says:

    @chillibeans22 Drug addiction is a disease and should be treated as such
    and decriminalized

  14. Sneezlebob says:

    @Ceruleaneye Long term Pot use can effect your brain negtively. Loook it up
    it can cause memory loss, loss of basic motor skills, and in extreme cases

  15. Frizzle Fry says:

    @Sneezlebob lol hallucinations, you’ve clearly never smoked weed

  16. 12dollarsand78cents says:

    Support the war in Mexico, buy more hemp! Ironically, the hips are
    supporting a lager and more deadly war than the Vietnam war by buying
    drugs. But you say, I only buy American drugs. Yeah, that will work, bring
    the drug black-market violence here. We don’t have enough. ALL DRUGS NEED
    TO BE LEGAL! Except pot. We should have the death penalty for pot dealers
    and users for funding a most violent war. Almost 50,000 dead. So go buy
    some more death to Mexican’s and American’s Pot. Haa, haa HAAAA!

  17. knucklez92 says:

    weed is bad for you the smoke is. but it just less harmful than smoke from

  18. Jtaylor1 . says:

    Boycott CBN. Avoid donating to Operation Blessing and don’t watch the 700
    Club. Apparently, Jack van Impe is probably disgusted about Robertson’s
    marijuana remark. Revelation 9:21 “and they would not repent of their
    GK:Pharmakeia drugs..”

  19. ElvarK1 says:

    no but he agrees that it should be legalized.

  20. stripe64 says:

    88th most important thing we need to do? WTF, you just proved how clueless
    you are TYT. Legalizing hemp/marijuana is easily in the top 5 things we
    NEED to do. If not #1. Anyone who has any clue how useful hemp is
    understands this fact.

  21. Gunnz287 says:

    WOW, this coming from the same guy that said the reason for Haiti’s poverty
    and recent natural disaster was because they made a pact with the devil?
    WTF. How is it that this ignorant bigoted asshole ‘GET’S IT’ and Obama
    does’nt? Smdh

  22. BARNEYRAPEDME69 says:

    I’m not for the use of drugs or anything, But I think any person,
    ESPECIALLY the government, has absolutley no right to tell me what I can
    and cannot do in my own house.

  23. ramius525 says:

    Whoa he’s not for legalizing pot, he’s for decriminilizing pot. In other
    words you won’t get arrested but you will receive a ticket. At least its a
    step in the right direction.

  24. PrincessKLS says:

    OMG, I’m shocked.

  25. 098765432123456789i says:

    Louisiana man gets life sentence for marijuana

  26. Fewer Options says:

    I’ve known cops that would get marijuana from evidence for other people. So
    yea marijuana does lead to crime but its by the police. If we never break
    any traffic laws and marijuana was legal that would lead to a dangerous
    situation with cops arresting people for anything they can.

  27. Duster Dan says:

    You can have my neighbor & all his druggy friends live next door to you &
    see how you like it. Legalizing marijuana is a nice theory but it does
    promote more crime than it solves & it ties the hands of authorities so
    that they cannot enforce the laws against dealing pot as a business in a
    neighborhood. Also, because my neighbor knows I don’t approve of
    his controlled substance dealing, he has begun to harass me verbally. All
    it would take is for one of his druggy gangsters to pick a fight with me
    because of this or access my property to rob him or rob his pot farm in his
    back yard & there will be WW3 in my neighborhood. I’m sure you thought of
    that – not. He’s already been robbed once on a pot delivery & cut open from
    his ear to his sternum. Real smart legalizing pot dude!

  28. Matt M says:

    It’s about job security for the police they don’t care that they lock
    people up for smoking marijuana and put them in jails with violent
    criminals there working overtime sitting at court and doing paperwork of
    course they don’t want it legal

  29. MuthurFuckingFoot696 says:

    Say no to people with guns telling us what to do.

  30. Pigna Cento says:

    Of course is so much easier for them to arrest a stoner than an pissed coke
    dealer with a gun in his pants….with all this police labor offer we gave
    job to very ignorant people some of the worst kind if they werent
    policemens they would have been violent offenders

  31. MuthurFuckingFoot696 says:

    I’ve smoked crack and can honestly say it’s no more dangerous than eating a
    Godiva chocolate. Cerebrally.

  32. aquelmarihuano says:

    Legal Marijuana = less money for the Police.
    If I was a cop I would also be pissed off that they are trying to legalize
    Legal marijuana across the U.S.and 7 years later = 30% less police across
    the nation.
    When the police goes into politics it tells you that they have a hidden
    agenda… $$$$.
    enough said

  33. Renegade Entertainment says:

    Roha is dumb. Everyone hates him. His discussion page of his profile is
    full of folks who think he’s an idiot. I don’t isolate myself when im
    stoned, and of my ten close friends only 2 actually smoke with me. Ur
    opinion is wrong and im truly sorry to be the one to tell you. Your probley
    a drug dealer huh. One that is set to lose big profit when the country
    comes to it’s sences. Sucks for you dude.

  34. lori639 says:

    They are just afraid that they will have to fight real crime now.

  35. Steven Martindale says:
  36. ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven says:

    #REPEAL #CANNABIS #PROHBITION and let’s stop wasting time discussing the
    third-longest-running FRAUD in human history, and then we might be able to
    concentrate on the other two in the top three problems we MUST ADDRESS.


    Cops who want the fraud of cannabis prohibition to continue ONLY care about
    their own incomes, and they want to keep doing “easy jobs” that take
    absolutely no work or risk to perform. The “I smelled weed” excuse has led
    to BILLIONS of dollars in “asset forfeitures” over the years…and without
    that FRAUDULENT EXCUSE, crime rates WILL go down.

    They’re more afraid that people will understand this, once they see the
    truth for themselves.

  37. sidestracked says:

    I think a large percentage of those people are retired law enforcement
    officials and street cops.

  38. bunnyborgcanada says:

    If something isn’t a crime anymore, how can it “increase crime”? A crime is
    an illegal act. When something is “legal”, it cannot be a crime anymore. I
    fail to understand their statement. I DO understand the underlying reason
    though – there’s just too much money invested in mj being illegal, they
    don’t want things to change.

  39. i Granot says:

    It’s all about money. I’ve been saying this since 1980. Drug enforcement
    needs drugs to get funded. If something is no longer called an illegal
    drug, then drug enforcement loses money. They don’t care about what is and
    what isn’t a petty crime. They care about their paychecks. Since we are in
    an helium shortage they would like to call breathing helium a crime. More
    work and funding for them. They gain and the public loses.

  40. 9753flyer says:

    Interesting, since a LOT of cops are actually for this… This is nothing
    more than the fat cats that actually control the cops being pissed they are
    about to lose their private prison and expanding police/security state
    profits, nothing more

  41. MaXimaX says:

    F#!k their drug law,F#!k the police!Freedom for the people!

  42. Chris Fox says:

    The pigs don’t want to lose those big drug war dollars

  43. Possum Pokeberry says:

    job scared,,,,

  44. Lawrence Bish says:

    Shuts off the money faucet — they don’t like that. Any reduction in
    criminal activity defunds cops–they don’t want crime to go down.

  45. blunty6feetunder says:

    Lol, yeah the people in congress are never swayed to make certain laws by
    receiving money under the table by big companies and corporations. Go back
    to your fantasy land. And also lol at using one retarded guy who happens to
    smoke pot to bash on every pot smoker in the world. Strong critical
    thinking skills you backwards fuck.

  46. xadam2dudex says:

    when the security state is threatened in their power & funding they react
    badly & try to continue the persecution of people to maintain that power &
    funding justice be damned…violent crime is down due to the removal of
    lead from gasoline…lead caused brain damage and caused violence…the
    cops did nothing to stem violent crime..the drug cartels r a prime example
    of the increase of violence due to such a foolish program as the drug
    war…John it’s about protecting their territory not justice

  47. Michael Guadalupe says:

    I support my police, but I don’t agree with the drug laws. I never have
    done drug, but drug laws are keeping minorities incarcerated. Keep bringing
    this subject in the forefront.

  48. Tau Ceti says:

    If we attempt to go to the streets again like at occupy, I can’t even
    imagine what the violent response will be like since these cops wont be
    handling their guns for so long.

  49. baby zarate says:

    The cops are scared to lose their jobs them cop cocksuckers… Foo

  50. chakra25king says:

    The simple truth behind all of this is that people in law enforcement have
    forgotten that they are SERVANTS