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Our Brains Are Designed for Cannabis – Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #20

Rat Study at University of Western Ontario in London — http://healthland.time.com/2011/04/06/why-pot-smokers-are-paranoid/ Get my book: “Handbook for the Hi…
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  1. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [3.1] I think my book and this support and info center I’m setting up,
    “MPMC,” is very much similar to cannabis itself in that it has the
    potential for abuse and the potential for healing.

  2. Imran Ravat says:

    I find myself being a whole lot more receptive to the present, as the past
    is irrelevant when I am conscious. When I’m engaged with TV or other forms
    of media, my brain translates all pre-recorded messages from past to
    present tense just so I can make full sense of it. I know it sounds crazy
    WTF! But it happens without intention. I’m in London if anyone wants to
    experiment…but as far as I’m concerned I need some Ayahuasca!!

  3. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    2.2.1– considering your impressive list of hobbies and dogmatically
    drug-free attitude, I don’t think your son needs me to be his role model.
    Your fundamental misunderstanding Mat is that you fail to appreciate how my
    clients have a built in disposition to NOT BE junkies. MPMC demands a
    strong connection to one’s sober identity, For my clients, becoming an
    abuser of MJ is a regressive path. which will lead ultimately back to
    paranoia, anxiety, destruction. Does this not seem intuitive to you?

  4. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    & this life improvement can be simple, like an geriatric who suffers from
    chronic arthritis having access to MJ over than rX pain meds. or complex,
    like my use of MJ in a holistic regimen as an alternative to amphetimines
    for legitimate ADHD. Is it going to be a part of my life forever? I don’t
    know. at 2grams a month, it’s not really a huge part of my life now, all I
    know is what I’m doing for myself and my clients is working, and as my MD
    says, if something working for you, why change it?

  5. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [1.3] A new edition of my book is printing this month. I’ve included a new
    chapter wholly devoted to the COMT gene. Toxic is a very strong
    word,implying the possibility of “overdose,” “injury,” or “death.” I’ve
    seen no support in medical lit for a “toxicity” association with any
    specific COMT genotype. I do see sufficient ev. to suggest that one’s mj
    experience is affected by one’s COMT genotype. My objective now is to
    increase AWARENESS of COMT. I’ve linked COMT studies in several of my

  6. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [1.2] the argument that we must not naturally influence our ECB receptors
    seems more religious than scientific. MPMC’s priority is not helping people
    “have fun” but opening up the possibility of cannabis as a low-cost natural
    medicine or safer “recreational” alternative to more destructive drugs like
    alcohol. I, of course, use the word “recreation.” For my clients cannabis
    is not a “feel good” drug but perhaps better compared to the “fun” of
    reading a novel or going on a nature walk.

  7. Corey Manno says:

    What do you think about taking anti-psychotics or ssri’s to manage
    paranoia/anxiety. Also about mixing those meds with weed. And if one is
    unstable on weed would that reflect through other more potent

  8. Imran Ravat says:

    That’s all?

  9. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    if a demon pooped on my weed, I’d expect one hell of a crazy high.

  10. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    at the pace I’m going, by contrast, I’ll have consumed perhaps a quarter of
    your summer 2010 psychedelic quantities before I die, and I’m generally a
    fairly hopeful (not OVERWHELMINGLY HOPEFUL), happy, and reasonably grounded
    person myself albeit with much capacity to be surprised and amazed and
    still capable of nurturing strong beliefs that things aren’t just random.
    What I’m working on it seems is the beginnings of a model for sensible
    integration between psychedelia and “real-world” life.

  11. Imran Ravat says:

    In response to 2.3, which would YOU rather be? The MJ junkie or the
    cheeseburger junkie?

  12. Imran Ravat says:

    Is there any way I can talk to you outside of Youtube? Like do you have an
    email address or something?

  13. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [2.3] Yes, there are risks and affects that can’t be charted and I can’t
    guarantee that someone who wants to use cannabis respectfully and
    moderately won’t become ill no more than I could guarantee their health if
    they wanted to eat cheeseburgers moderately and respectfully. Or drink

  14. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    Hey Ransford, Yes Terrence McKenna keeps popping up everwhere I go. I think
    it’s about time I read one of his books. Thanks for watching/commenting

  15. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [2.1] All MPMC clients fill out an screener that bars them from
    participation if they are under the age of 19, or have a diagnosis or
    family history severe mental illness such as psychosis or schizophrenia. My
    clients are often exceptionally healthy, mentally and physically, and we
    encourage general health maintenance through exercise/nutrition with the
    understanding that MPMC may be somewhat stressful, but no moreso than a
    healthy sex life. Again the key is respect and moderation.

  16. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    Corey– great picture! 2 things I know very little about — anti-psychotics
    and ssri’s. In fact I can’t really readily distinguish between dopamine and
    serotonin. What I do know is that I’ve used cannabis with methylphenidate
    on three occasions now and noticed that the paranoia was limited. This led
    me to strongly buy into the hypothesis that the dopamine supply in the
    brain is a huge variable, which would support the findings from the 2008
    cecile henquet study that I’m so fond of…

  17. WeedParanoiaVideos says:


  18. Emmagination says:

    But high levels of THC and not enough CBD to counter effect the THC can
    induce them and cause very unpleasant experiences. The marijuana strains
    that gets sold on the street such as Skunk are usually very high in THC and
    low in CBD or none at all. And the medical marijuana are rich in CBD
    because this is where the true magic in marijuana lies that actually helps
    with so many medical conditions. I just wish it was medically legal here in
    england so i can get myself some real magical marijuana 🙂

  19. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    speaking of Ayahuasca and extra-dimensional contact– Ayahuasca is supposed
    to be the Mecca when it comes to defined extra-dimensional entities–
    everyone always sees the “black snake”

  20. R. ACKAH Jr. says:

    It did not feel natural to me: I was inclined to give up the use of
    anti-psychotic drugs… Marijuana is holistically sublime. I have also
    resolved to take Marijuana or any other Psychedelic substance only with
    care… Correction – ( A wise man once said [I think it was Terence
    Mckenna] that Mental Institutions are intended to keep Patients ill)

  21. Emmagination says:

    Wow the difference about CBD and THC has really helped me understand the
    effects of marijuana so much more now! Iv’e been researching more into this
    right now, and finding lots of interesting information. I wanna send you
    the links, but for some reason it wont let me. But basically ive been
    finding interesting articles & videos about experiments done on CBD & THC
    and whilst CBD can reduce and help treat stuff like psychosis and other
    medical purposes

  22. Emmagination says:

    Is that where the best weed is for medicinal purposes? 🙂

  23. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    [3.3] Regarding the “Cannabis Craze” — again I think you would ultimately
    appreciate where MPMC is coming from. The biggest problem in the public
    cannabis debate right now is lack of moderation. It’s either all-good to
    the point of deification or it’s criminal. Giving support and voice to the
    MPMC demographic (paranoid would-be tokers) is one way to infuse new, and
    important voices and perspectives into public discourse. Who knows what
    we’ll discover, but it’s important that we keep working!

  24. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    2.1.1 I’m curious if you’ve really read my book, Matt. The theme of
    moderation, non-dependence, non-escapist cannabis usage is present
    throughout the text. Furthermore, the abusive patterns (dopamine kicks)
    that lead to mental illness are what in my experience tends to trigger
    episodes of MIPA (marijuana-induced paranoia/anxiety). Individuals with
    strong senses for their own purpose will find cannabis difficult to abuse
    much less addictive and dangerous than other drugs like alcohol.

  25. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    — Mat — I will certainly read if you can provide source, email to
    info(at)paranoidhuman(dot)com. This model makes intuitive sense to me, but
    it seems to me that the people who suffer depression from cannabis abuse
    are those who are not giving their brains the space and the care it needs
    to regenerate ie they are not taking care of themselves, minding their
    diet, and are depending on MJ to give them regular dopamine boosts just so
    they can feel like “everything’s gonna be ok” etc.