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Medical marijuana for Oregon child with cancer

Mykayla Comstock is one of the youngest medical marijuana patients in Oregon. She has cancer. Read the full story at: http://www.oregonlive.com/health/index….
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http://www.youtube.com/user/StPetersburgCollege SPC Village Square- Medical Marijuana: Should Florida go to Pot? About St. Petersburg College: In 1927, St. P…

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32 Responses

  1. Randymuck Muck says:

    Such a great story ….such an amazing lil girl. glad it helped ;)

  2. Kaylee DeMattico says:

    I feel bad too Connor Stevens

  3. Connor Stevens says:

    i feel so bad

  4. kugelchen05 says:

    LEGALIZE NATURE !!! greetz from europe;)

  5. kristi Balibrera says:

    Mykala you are such an amazing little girl with such an amazing soul! You
    have already changed so many lives and so many opinions. <3

  6. 2002TouringMOE says:

    nice dude, profit from the sick.

  7. beadwired says:

    God bless all the sick children and their families. Thank you #BraveMykayla
    for being living proof and telling the world that #CannabisHeals

  8. F Scarecro says:

    Its a great drug. Its up to the media to quit demonizing the drug in order
    to help alcohol and tobacco profits. Its a new age with the internet. The
    war on drugs has been exposed because everyone has access to whats bullshit
    or not. Marijuana prohibition is the biggest form of bullshit in the
    history of bullshit. I dont think kids this young should be using it
    recreationally by any means. But im glad its helping in this medical case.

  9. chuckbeast9999 says:

    Major props to Mom and Dad for choosing the right medicine for their child
    brave mykayla! We are rooting for mykayla to get better

  10. OutJoke says:

    I love this child. Wish you all the best Mykayla.

  11. williams jerry says:

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  18. Billy Harris says:

    This guy obviously not read the law. How embarrassing for him.

  19. John Trenn says:

    A YES vote for Amendment 2 is a vote for freedom. It’s time that the
    control freaks and fear mongers get themselves out of the way of our
    freedom to use the most versatile, most medically beneficial herb,
    which has been known to man for millennia. When Amendment 2 passes, the
    LOSERS to lose the biggest will be the FDA/AMA/pharmaceutical drug cartel,
    backed up by their domestic terrorist friends, the DEA. They know how many
    of their harmful synthetic drugs and opiate narcotics will be substituted
    by a mostly harmless, friendly little plant and they are afraid. Law
    enforcement is greatly fearing their potential loss of budget cuts and job
    security when many non-violent arrestees become legally sanctioned

  20. Ken Martin says:

    The first page in my bible states. Behold I give unto you all seed bearing

  21. Rose NoHo says:

    Anybody who wants to use it should be able to.

  22. New Money says:

    This is not a good medical marijuana bill. It only legalizes a specific
    strain for a specific type of illness. It should be legal for all types of
    illness even stomach aches.

  23. St Petersburg College says:
  24. Ken Martin says:

    It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles the man but what comes out.
    God is good. The wars about over. Thank Jesus 

  25. Guillermo Gonzalez says:


  26. Keshet Israel says:

    The Best Question was about Spiritual use, and they shucked it off, like
    God wasn’t watching! Why didn’t they answer!? What about our 1st
    Amendment?! Why do they ignore God?!! –<><

  27. christina cruz says:

    Religion has nothing to do with laws so why would they bring it up. Lets
    talk facts there are more than enough facts to prove medical marijuana is
    GOOD it saves lives helps people to survive and is also healthy it doesn’t
    kill you! 

  28. Matthew Cunningham says:

    From the web Tomorrow is my last day as an employee working for the DEA.
    Every time I read a quote from Michele Leonhart I become more and more
    disgusted. I cannot morally and ethically continue to work for such an
    organization. I cannot support an organization that supports mandatory
    minimum sentences, I cannot support an organization that supports straight
    up LIES like the DEA spouts on a daily basis. I cannot support an
    organization that targets non-violent citizens for simply enjoying a smoke.
    I cannot do this job anymore. I can’t do it. I hope Michele Leonhart gets
    fired and the DEA loses its funding. Law enforcement needs to focus on REAL
    problems in society.

  29. EllenBeth Wachs says:

    Turner doesn’t know what he is talking about. If you don’t want to smoke it
    don’t but don’t stop other people that want to use it.

  30. Keshet Israel says:

    Legalize it for Religious use! God gave it to me as the Marriage supper of
    the Lord. (Google Kaneh Bosm) .. It’s the Tree of Life given to us for the
    healing of our Nations! We the People have the Right to pursuit our own
    happiness and the right to not be hindered (by Laws) which hinder our
    religious exercise that draws cannabis unto our God’s temple Body. It’s
    not law enforcements Body, that they can deny God’s call for us to accept
    Cannabis religiously! May God damn those who choose to persecute us for
    our religious exercises! Or to slander us or our religion, for stating this
    truth! –<>< http://www.zionstation.com

  31. Matthew Cunningham says:

    There is not today or has there ever been any scientific justification for
    prohibition in the first place.

  32. illbill784 says:

    Our Pinellas County Sherriff keeps comparing this bill to the pill mill
    problem we had in Florida and how he thinks people will exploit it the same
    way.Anybody without a Florida residence would not qualify for medical
    marijuana in Florida. They would still have to buy it on the street
    illegally. Unlike the pill mills where you could live in another state,
    come to Florida, and be prescribed narcotics then go back home to sell them
    on the black market. Legalizing medical marijuana in Florida will be taking
    away from that black market. Letting it be taxed, letting people to not
    have to deal with questionable people. Making people who are currently
    criminals in the Sheriff’s eyes, into legitimate patients with a legal
    right to obtain there medication in a safe environment. My main thought is
    that the Sheriff wants medical marijuana illegal because it’s good for his
    business in keeping the jail full, and to make it legal would be taking
    away a lot his customers.