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Marijuana Ganja Butter & Cannabutter Cookie RecipeYoutube420

The BEST video of how to make Ganja Butter & Cannabutter Cookies, up close and step-by-step. This recipe is deliciously versitile & adaptable to various flav…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses


    You know this shit is illegal right?

  2. Nick smith says:

    your husband is a LUCKY man lol

  3. Alexander King says:

    You suck. 

  4. GirdleySanders says:


  5. Swearing Ape says:

    #Marijuana #Ganja Butter & Cannabutter #Cookies 

  6. DownUnderMarc says:

    Can you smoke the weed after you took it out the butter? 😀

  7. Stephanie NewfieGirlForLife says:

    Can u come and do my Christmas baking for me??? hehe!!! Awesome looking

  8. closstown1 says:

    what was the teaspoon of stuff you put in after placing the pot in the

  9. cherylcake4u says:

    @cherylcake4u yes, you got it right

  10. joe ortiz says:

    could you use the buds such ass stress? and what would you recomend if i
    have 5 grams? how much butter shoulc i use?

  11. cherylcake4u says:

    @whosdfgbawl alcohol. It helps w/ the extraction process.

  12. DanielDroGaming says:

    @cherylcake4u quite nicely actually. it was cannabinoid heavy with minimal
    thc but a little vape on top of that put me into couch-lock effect. no
    movement for hours. ive also made alcohal tinctures with my already vaped
    duff and thats also a potent sticky drink. i dont over vape my buds, so
    thats probably why the butter was such a deep green. if you got a vaporizer
    try it with your duff if you like that sleepy time effect of the super dose
    of cannabinoids.

  13. cherylcake4u says:

    @AdventureUge alcohol. It helps w/ the extraction process.

  14. Zarathoustra Unone says:

    the butter look like swamp water XD

  15. Young sun Park says:

    That is sexiest I hope you know what you said stupid cunt

  16. kookiddkasino says:

    Marry me 🙂

  17. someonenew123456 says:

    Is this promoting something..?

  18. 88meowmeow88 says:


  19. Gold8player123 says:

    aawww they look so innocent :3 haha 😀

  20. xxxNINJACHRISxxx says:

    i wish you were my mom

  21. michael g says:

    this video always makes me happy if u like scary stories checkout my
    channel it goes great with cookies

  22. MrGonzo38 says:

    Ah yeah fuck you for being a bitch!

  23. MrBakedbread says:

    @xWhatAboutToweli3 more like would you be my grandma? lolol

  24. iLovePinnkk says:

    GOOD SHIT !!

  25. Gthebloodheartsage says:

    Is the trick you used to boil the butter without water a slow with
    attention payed to texture kind of thing?Alcohol is a great idea and having
    water on the side ready to extract everything. you didnt even have to grind
    it all up too much like ppl say. lol we don’t trust processes for lack of
    experience. Untill we see it done succesfully or stumble upon it ourselves.
    thank you so much for these tantalizing clues. santas getting these from
    now on.