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Making Medical Marijuana Bubble Hashish 101

For high quality playback: www.isseiproductions.com The FarmAssist, ThC, presents a lesson in making concentrates from medical marijuana. We welcome your comments and ratings.Patients Without Time (PWT) is a medical cannabis support and informational network. We share information concerning Hawai’i medicinal cannabis / marijuana laws and practices. Partnered with Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action (MCCFDIA), PWT has mounted an extensive campaign on both the County and State levels to better provide for the medical cannabis / marijuana patients in Hawaii. www.PatientsWithoutTime.com Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action (MCCFDIA) is in the midst of the largest citizen’s voter registration drive ever seen on Maui. Serving Maui’s advocacy groups like Patients Without Time (PWT) and Citizens Action Now (CAN), MCCFDIA emphasizes the need to utilize the Democratic Process to enact the changes our people need. Hawai’i State Representative Joe Bertram III has graciously lent his support and services in our efforts to help our citizens use this Democratic Process. http Music: “School Days” recorded by Louis Jordan Video recorded and edited by Issei Productions. IsseiProductions@yahoo.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How To Make Hash From Marijuana

How To Make Hash From Marijuana
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. Mrihave20toes says:

    That’s a stoner voice if I’ve ever heard one

  2. GoColts8263 says:

    Who cares legal or not. Just use at home and fuck the law.

  3. MrGanjamanshane says:

    thumbs up for marijuana to be legal in the UK , for recreational n medical use just like ALCOHOL, just a little tax n age restrictions on it will benefit us all and our country wont be in SHIT as it is nar.

  4. CoDyscoobie says:

    Y not use the bud for hash? It has way more thc then trimm therwfor making better quailty (I think haha)

  5. iceXiceXindica says:

    who the fuck cares if u r a pothead its an individuals choice whether to indulge or not legalize bring peace to the world alhamdillah FREE THE WORLD

  6. 14abel14able says:

    Medical ya right just say bud the feds aint watching

  7. UK420guerilla says:

    dont give me that medical ballshit everyone just likes gettign high, apart from a small exeption

  8. Smileyfacedkiller says:

    hash is love

  9. suepsetts says:

    using buds will yield much much stronger concentrates than trim.

  10. mlcool345 says:

    wtf is that song like it

  11. SmittyHollaAtYoBoy says:

    I’d rather stick to using trimmings not ton of weed for my hash, damn.

  12. 5tonyvvvv says:

    Cannabis does help, but avoid sugar,dairy and processed foods!

  13. ScouseFolky says:

    Why destroy sum nice bud for hash?

  14. 0Sirk0 says:

    weeks? bummer

  15. darrellicker says:

    Hey I just had a thought couldn’t u use a lot of oil in replace for the water and still follow all steps but afterwards bottle it and sell thc oil for cooking ?

  16. dhw420 says:

    everyone’s has done the math, and we all know this country could make more money and benefit from legalizing marijuana more than it does from supposedly ” fighting the war on drugs”. we’d had less people in prison, more jobs, more tax money; which means more federal and state funding. and most importantly, happier less stressful people who understand each other and have a better outlook on life.

  17. capatasio says:

    Care to display a cheaper method!?? damn :s

  18. Stiletti89 says:

    You’re not the only one here who is suffering from nervous and stress at public, i do too. I just would love to roll a blunt and get chilled and being relaxed, neither im not smoker at all.

  19. Reese Imel says:

    cant u make hash with a coffe maker?

  20. CrunchyMuffbag says:

    many people put it in a pipe, or in a tobacco mix joint, but tobacco is disgusting so i use the pipe or bong.

  21. Bob Martin says:

    Look up a Doctor that is enlightend to the good cannabis can do for a patient.

  22. talhabishnath says:

    Slow technic but like always pays off

  23. shawnio says:

    now that was a tutorial! :P)

  24. Yan Budski says:

    hemp is fuel, paper, food and medicine. there is 19000 things you can do with it and one of them is smoke it. And the only reason marijuana is illegal ? It’s because it is fuel it is paper it is food and it is medicine. corporate companies don’t want it. its not a narcotic it’s energy.

  25. blaster2012 says:

    medical or not,you can still go to prison if you aint got the right piece of “paper” know what i mean?

  26. Johnathon Carter says:

    planted a seed i fount in my bag of weed….wuz 70 degrees…then it rains for 2 fucking days straight….3 days later it snows….no ground build up luckily…..get my cup of dirt with the weed in it go to throw it away…dropped it and uncovered a sapling….fucking lucky or what XD….better be a fucking female so i can smoke both hash and the buds 😀

  27. SMDxHD says:

    Eat/smoke it

  28. GengusHitler says:

    A lot indeed , friend, and for what? A1/4 of an ‘o’ max. If you think that’s a lot you’ll have to look out the hash oil production.

  29. Gamberone9779 says:

    so much weed and.. just that piece of hash?

  30. poityb says:

    Sell O tape

  31. Greenlife711 says:

    *Serious about curing Cancer make or find Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% Δ9-THC Cannabis Oil*
    Dr. Mechoulam,Cannabinoid Researcher 1960-present
    “Rick Simpson’s discoveries of using high dose Cannabis 95-98% Δ9-THC to Cure Cancer’s is a reality!” Dr. Melamede


    legalize it !

  33. kushpwner420 says:

    i like how it skips like crazy at the best part

  34. TheRushrider says:

    Is it possible to make hash and still kepp some big buds

  35. xxl3th4lg4m3rxx says:

    can someone tell me what they do with this after its made into hash? it looks like its edible.

  36. zippomania555 says:

    10 minutes is way too much time, 4:30 – 5 minutes gives you a nice soft, blond hash

  37. lolxTMANxlol says:

    nice lol

  38. BOMBDYLAN6677 says:

    i know i am lol

  39. deivid3949 says:

    Please someone just write for me what he say…i dont speak english and i couldn’t understand one word tha he said 🙁 if you guys write for me the most import information from the video i will be glad.

  40. kapiocosi says:

    We have good quality buds of high THC concentration and highly pure.If interested in good quality stuff , then do contact us for prompt and discrete supplies. CONTACT: herbal.research@ymail.com

  41. xDerpModz says:

    And Thats How You Make Hash 😛


    Does anyone else know what to use besides cellophane? I know it won’t melt, but i’m concerned about the BPA that leech’s out when it’s in the oven.

  43. drifterapb says:

    fuck, i am  hahaha

  44. catlin massier says:

    I know i dont know why you’d not just save it kinda stupid to throw out marijuana

  45. slapadabass97 says:

    Holy fuck i got so ripped on hash today, my friends packed me 3 bowls without me knowing it was has, just thot it was some kush, than 5 mins later i start hardcore pookin oit and i had hockey in like an hour. Whatevs haha free hash hoots

  46. zack2121212121 says:


  47. lolxTMANxlol says:

    is every one in the comments high lol

  48. djnicovelidadon says:

    lol i’d smoke the trimmings :p

  49. greenpilliz says:


  50. FeelinTrickyy says:

    Just step on the shit god damn..