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How to Smoke Wax Concentrates, Budder, Shatter, Oil Dabs Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #3

In this episode of Medical Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart, Bogart discusses marijuana Concentrates. Concentrates are marijuana derivatives such as the…
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25 Responses

  1. Berz says:

    “DO NOT BE A DUMBASS AND SET YOURSELF ON FIRE” Am I too baked or is that
    shit funny as fuck

  2. Apex Animal says:

    hahaha “and that’s called a corndog” your funny af bro good dabs

  3. Taura Parnell says:

    How is medical marijuana different from just plain old non- medical
    marijuana or is it just a smoke screen and there is no difference (no pun
    intended). Is it legal in WI? If not, how can we rectify this situation?

  4. xxhardforcorexx says:

    Lmfao. I hope you didn’t really think you needed to shout over that torch.

  5. Isaiah Yeates says:

    “do not be a dumbass and set yourself on fire” haha

  6. Enigmatic Hominid says:


    Best advice ever.

  7. Raoul Fleckman says:

    Hey Bogie, I am amazed with your ability to talk to the camera after you
    let out your hit. I usually can’t talk for a minute or two.

  8. Danny Fallas says:

    Is better to inhale and hold or inhale and then release the smoke? You know
    for a high effect not for health!

  9. Dillon Dawson says:

    Fuck wax 

  10. john smith says:

    I am not sure why you need this complicated way to smoke bud

  11. QueerAndUnplugged says:

    I’m glad that weed is on its’ way to being legalized. However, growing up,
    my uncle used to tell me stories about how he and his friends used to move
    weed from Jamaica to Florida in the 70s by boat. Most were one boat/one
    load on sailboats that went into small west coast Florida towns like Port
    St, Joe and Port St. Lucie…Each boat had 1 to 2 tons of weed. Once in
    awhile, there was a “mother” ship out in international waters and the boats
    would go out “fishing” and return with fifty 40 lb “croker” sacks of weed.
    Some of the weed was reboxed to look like fish. All of the romance of
    smuggling is gone to be replaced by Weed, Inc.

  12. Jose Ortiz says:

    Fuck that I rather stick to my nigga crack

  13. Batsinthebelltower says:

    lol this guy is so baked , where did he find that lab coat . why does he
    shout when he lights the blowtorch ? lol

  14. Eric Rodriguez says:

    This dude looks throwed as fuck lmao xD awesome

  15. Jordan Mercado says:

    Lmao! This guy is fuckin baked lol 

  16. Phuck Hugh says:

    A vaporizer is much eaiser and safer than risk burning yourself or your
    house down.

  17. hoplesgamer says:

    I’m on fire 

  18. Michael Somai says:

    Anyone else wondering – why dafuq did he start yelling when he turned the
    blow-torch on?? it’s not THAT loud…

  19. alex lowenstein says:

    This guy is a fucking pimp

  20. Mia Mueller says:

    this doctor gettin turnt af 

  21. smobeepj says:

    I don’t think having a lit blow torch in your hand is a good idea while
    smoking weed. That’s just me though.

  22. Al Stewart says:

    Sheldon from the big bang theory

  23. Rabbi Shekelstein Yehuda Baruch says:

    Dabs are fucking awesome. I just started dabbing last night and it’s
    amazing. 2 rips from a dab rig i feel like i smoked 6 fucking blunts.

  24. Crish S says:

    his face is worth a million dollars after that hit :)

  25. Adam Bowles says:

    use butane torch over propane all day, just get a big butane torch like a
    souffle torch from a home and kitchen store