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History of Weed

From 2727 BC to the present, Weeds presents a brief history of cannabis. New episodes Monday at 10PM ET/PT beginning June 8th only on Showtime. Music by Emeen Z at www.myspace.com/emeenz

The true story of two plants destined to share the same fate.
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50 Responses

  1. WhiteTigerRises says:

    legalize weed in all states for people over 21

  2. Airikir says:

    /watch?v=xNcRMrxvRJM you lit up for me

  3. Thesh1tstoryTeller says:

    Click my name and watch my weed video, it will make you laugh

  4. nalydify says:

    queen vic would have been 54 in 1891, slight problem there? :/

  5. MusicLockerSessions says:

    whats the name of the song used for this video?

  6. Temaire s says:

    But a bit weed right? :))

  7. BBProduction001 says:

    ok everthing except chillis and peppers…

  8. xBaM24x says:

    I love Weeds

  9. kafirstunner666er says:

    Video is false about that 1st weed(cannabis) was found in China
    Indus valley of Afghanista,Pakistan,India during 7000bce has records of using cannabis & spread from south asia/central asia to china-europe

  10. Temaire s says:

    No pepper ? :´(

  11. BBProduction001 says:

    I gonna blow up your whole town and put tons of salt all over this place so there will never grow anything again!!!

  12. lightfighter36 says:

    Tap into our BIGGEST cash crop, and kick this “RECESSION” ‘s ass!! Legalize it!!

  13. BmcXproductions says:


  14. YumiYumY says:

    you are missing a lot 😀

  15. YumiYumY says:

    amazingly done video

  16. DrugsForSale says:


  17. Masimirrimies says:

    you should try.

  18. anarchy1015 says:

    rocking video..

  19. Temaire s says:

    :) Thank you so much.

  20. BBProduction001 says:

    shut up you son of a bitch! I gonna kill ya whole family!!!

  21. chronic tokers says:

    420 BLAZE IT.

  22. Temaire s says:

    PEANUT !!!!

  23. BBProduction001 says:

    do you drink alcohol?

  24. justin bouche says:


  25. justin bouche says:

    good! !!! thats the best answer!

  26. TraylBlzr419 says:

    Hahahahaha, I love it!

  27. LEE IZM says:

    Hey there. We used your video on our Click-N-Hit blog. Thanks for posting!

  28. MerrickTV says:

    Hey just think “God made everything for a reason”

  29. ivoman7 says:

    Seeya, tokarski21 v

  30. H577Bill says:

    Just explain how it is NOT legal? With so many people who believe religiously and medically that this plant HELPS, cures, relieves stress, brings you closer to God, enables the possibility of an alternate cleaner fuel source and a richer economy through the hundreds of uses of textiles. Advil killed more people this year than marijuana ever has. We as a people CAN change this. Send letters to your state legislature. We as a people have the liberty and right to change these UNLAWFUL Federal laws.

  31. WeAskThePeople says:

    grow your OWN… FREE

    yes .. FREE CHOICE >> FREE WORLD.. nick off FEDS..

    if enough people refuse to comply with stupid law.. it will fall flat on it’s face..

    OVER GROW the GOVERNMENT… they have limited resources.
    & the FEDS are DUE for a CANING ….

    & people are turning the tide against PROHIBITION ..
    CIVIL disobedience NOW…


    end the DRUG WAR

  32. Itsmeeman1 says:

    For ALL UK residents ONLY, if you want to see CANNABIS LEGALISED then there is an e-petition on the Home Office’s own web site you can sign!!!
    It’s available to sign until August of 2012.
    100,000 signatures are needed in order for the debate to occur in the House of Commons again. There are currently 15,000 votes on it; including mine.
    Addy is… epetitions dot direct dot gov dot uk/petitions/29
    Sign up and be counted, or else shut up forever!

  33. visceralguy says:

    Pot doesn’t kill… only your brain.

    Only potheads think they’re not dumber. lol 

  34. BK Bazhe says:


  35. peri2502 says:

    That’s the thing: they weren’t at first. I think it has something to do with how much of it you smoke.

  36. yonskii says:

    Those friends were boring to begin with. I smoke pot and I’d love to go kayaking.

  37. RuckerCaptain7z says:

    Great video!.

  38. SingularInfinity says:

    Great video.

  39. peri2502 says:

    I have nothing against Marijuana as such, but I don’t really like it. When I was still in school I had some friends and we’d hang out all the time, go Kayaking…just do stuff. Then pot came in and I was the only one that never really got into it; the others did big time. After a while, all those guys wanted to do was to “chill,” watch TV and smoke pot. It hasn’t changed to this day. Maybe pot doesn’t kill you, but it sure makes you boring as hell.

  40. Willnash666 says:

    pot killed the hippies? not the lsd extasy cocain harion? hmmmm…

  41. Elias Frech says:

    and if you tell me we shouldnt smoke a plant … ill make it a tea … 😀

  42. mikhael miaco says:

    legalize it

  43. tokarski21 says:

    Aw, shucks!

  44. tokarski21 says:


  45. tokarski21 says:


  46. ElectricalNoises says:

    Dude, you’re a fucking hero!

  47. fenderwangcaster says:

    Were you even listening to the video? Of course not, that’s why your name sounds stupid and gangsta. He was talking about industrial hemp THC, not the medicinal kinda.

  48. Smokhypetersen says:

    Lol cannabis does kill! Just take more than humanly possible, I think it’s about 8 kg pure hash that should do the trick

  49. Emily Wolf says:

    Great informative presentation. love your video editing. great that its not really biased either

  50. Jeff Pryor says: