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Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Have You Ever Smoked Pot? Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC. Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorites parts again, or catch-up on any episodes you may have missed Channel: www.youtube.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com

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50 Responses

  1. aerodigital says:

    Uhm, muthafuckin’ OC. lol

  2. DionWojk says:

    lol dinner!!

  3. TheDarkToes says:

    general public agreement… its okay.. just relax… fighting the gay tagging puts you in a gay category.

  4. swaglyswag says:

    so i guess that makes you quadruple gay then…

  5. Zach Gant says:

    Oh shit haha 😀 John is from my neighborhood!

  6. jojo jenkins says:

    The people that gave me thumbs up.

  7. jojo jenkins says:

    Thank you. You’re so polite.

  8. CANEHDUHGUY says:

    lol, Dinner!

  9. Vaibhav Singh says:

    Who gave you the right to decide that?

  10. Akmal Hakim says:

    Fuck off

  11. boeingfreak1 says:


  12. Kieran Peck says:

    One ever heard of Dyslexia? Two ever heard of not being such a bitch? Three yeah i ain’t perfect i am admitting to that but at least you can read easily what i am saying and understand it! And those courses are for animal care only!

  13. Nick Anderson says:

    It’s ironic that you’re telling someone to speak English properly when you are the one spouting off without any proper grammar or punctuation, not to mention your complete lack of capitalization. Maybe if you get your shit together and pay more attention to those “college” classes you are taking you wouldn’t come off like such an idiot.

  14. jojo jenkins says:

    So now you’re twice as gay! Congratulations!

  15. lsurma14 says:


  16. AaronVernonFOP says:

    this guy is cross eyed

  17. AcidHeadEd says:

    Yes, Fred Garry kiddo. It’s really me.

    I’m Acid Head Ed. I live in Hollywood, and i like to walk in and out of Hollywood once a week, campaigning for President of the U.S.A. I get tip money for posing for photographs.

    13 lucky seconds on Kimmel tv, the only time my campaign sign was on national tv. Part of my campaign is i will legalize marijuana immediately.

    Now, over 1,000,000 views… amazing.

    Take a puff for me.

    Have fun, Fred Garry kiddo!!!

    Your pal, Acid Head Ed

  18. Kieran Peck says:

    Okay one talk English if you KNOW you can speak and type it and clearly you get told off a lot because you speak like shit! Two stop typing in all caps to me and being a little kid! I am 17 and go college and i know what should happen with drugs and alcohol, When i never mentioned anything on it, You are just a little kid who plays CoD clearly! Get a life.

  19. Fred Garry says:

    Is that really you in the video?!

  20. andres mojica says:

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  21. pkrizic says:


  22. iTroll3 says:

    I’m a girl and i love Jimmy but i think Ellen can get a little annoying. Sooo shut up maybe?

  23. totallymageful says:

    It’s not nearly as dangerous as any other drug and the fact that it’s being legalized is solely due to how the media has portrayed it. Movies in particular.

  24. demanso1 says:

    conan is for the nerds, jay leno is for the old people

  25. musicman69123 says:

    Me too, I feel like I’m poisoned when I’m drunk

  26. Trae Carter says:

    She soo pwetttyy 🙂

  27. bulldoggrrr says:

    leave her alone as she smokes her splooge

  28. KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

    You can tell this is when Ana didn’t have a makeup and hair department.

  29. toddlaing6804 says:

    shes hot she looks a bit different now then she did in these but shes hot..and yeah

  30. theblackbetties says:

    Cracks me up when he makes fun of her little corny jokes she sometimes makes. They are good together. 🙂

  31. Yankhadenough says:

    I googled splooge…

  32. TheDestruct0r says:

    She can smoke my splooge all day long.

  33. NoEphingIdea says:

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it should never have been outlawed in the first place?
    Or that the taxes taken from the Marijuana will be used to fund public schooling?

  34. homer23422000 says:

    That was funny.

  35. Austin101123 says:

    well… i wasnt redditing until this year 😛

  36. NoEphingIdea says:

    Over 2 years late.

  37. lou4brew says:

    The real reason marijuana was legalized here in Colorado is because the pro-legalization asked a simple question to parents: “If your kid smokes pot, who do you want to handle it? You or the judicial system?” A kid smoking a joint, or a cig, or drinking a beer needs to be handled by the parents, not the state.

  38. shteve119 says:

    i f*****g love Ana!!! i think she just made me straight (oh look at that hot guy passing by)

  39. cupcakexxcarnage says:

    What Sarah Palin said wasn’t smart, it was common sense.

  40. Lake Fafe says:

    You are my hero.

  41. importtunerguy81 says:

    It’s called a spliff but I’d sploog Ana on her face and lick her asshole and pussy

  42. SmartFool24 says:


  43. jerran sperarman says:

    good video

  44. Piranha7x5 says:

    Ana has something on her mind from the night before =)

  45. Piranha7x5 says:

    lol Ana and splooge

  46. Vaibhav Varma says:

    haha the spliff in my lips is on the floor now cause of you making me lol so hard.

  47. Gh0stface89 says:

    haahahahahaha ana your so cute

  48. Saucypants1000 says:

    I’m certain you have never mis-spoke in your entire life, oh wait every person everywhere has, shut the fuck up, most cheerleaders were not the retards displayed on bad television

  49. DeathOrGlory83 says:

    And shes only 26 and she’s accomplished all that and is the Co-host of a Tv news show. What were you doin when u were 26?

  50. DeathOrGlory83 says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure she has a Masters degree in journalism and political science. Something like that anyway you could read her Wiki. It was a hilarious mistake , both words start with Spl its understandable lol.