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Hash Oil on Phire – Milk & Meltage

Sometimes you gotta set the skillet and globe aside for a bit and enjoy that rich & creamy milk from hash-oil topped buds.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses

  1. mmoobb8866 says:

    i would die after that first bowl… probably taste like heaven!

  2. Faller760 says:

    Love your glass… stay high

  3. RxTim says:


  4. alec1234ful says:

    holy shit that looks tasty! 🙂

  5. BlazeWithHaze21 says:

    hey guys, love your stuff, love smokin weed. It would mean a lot if you would help a brotha out with my site blazewithhaze.webs.com thanks

  6. alberts1985 says:

    nice piece

  7. weflyhigher420 says:

    props on the metaphor hahahaa

  8. Nick Wilken says:

    its called beeline

  9. ThrottleWFO says:

    Thanks. Holding your hits longer than 5 seconds only clogs up your lungs more, you don’t absorb any more THC by holding it. And most of the hits were milked for a bit longer than 5 seconds 🙂

  10. robspears019 says:

    Nice video. I would have held the hits longer though. but thats just me

  11. Ezra Murdock says:

    subbed. But where did u get that wool looking thingy that you use to light up your weed

  12. WiscoSRHfour20 says:

    Aww for real dude I love great combos like this.. Imma do a shout out rip to you one of these days.. Stay blazin

  13. Galvahnize says:

    great comment, love it man

  14. ThrottleWFO says:

    Yeah, I’m trying to put some more up. I’d upload more often, but I try to go for quality over quantity and I rarely get the opportunity to film. I’d rather make 1 video that’s worth watching than 15 videos that are just gonna waste your time, ya know? It’s like porn… it defeats the purpose of filming it if the people are ugly and don’t know how to screw, hahaha. Peace man & thanks for sticking around!

  15. elinford says:

    dank ass bowl

  16. BennyBooIsNotAFoo says:

    you know how to do it dude

  17. Galvahnize says:

    Good to see frequent videos again.

  18. GoRiLLaBleeZy says:

    such a sick video

  19. Trux2010 says:


  20. chronicconnection says:

    id pass out man theres so many oils in that bowl it looks so beautiful
    epic video

  21. thcToasty says:

    that’s so sick

  22. SmokeKushx420 says:

    awesome piece and looks like an awesome tasting hit

  23. Kevin Rodriguez says:

    sick bubbler