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Hash 2

before 824 years Consider this a trailer. ­čÖé Here is the movie – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408834/. Buy it now on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hashish/dp…

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25 Responses

  1. 1PSYTEX1 says:

    true, its a herb, the best´╗┐ god damn herb ever!

  2. issacbarrios says:

    @darkmysterii I´╗┐ agree wit you all the way! Bless SHIVA

  3. darkmysterii says:

    If you would make bread out of Hemp Seed it is´╗┐ 2xtimes healthier than normal bread
    the fibers of the cannabis plant are strong and much more durable then woodfibers
    The oil is perfect for making plastic and fuel and out of the seeds you can make alcohol for fuel as well
    and of course for its medical reasons its a wonderful plant

  4. Jesus Christ says:

    I need too know you guys! how much weed´╗┐ would it take a guy who is 6″2 height, and weighs about 140ish pounnds, doesnt smoke weed a lot, and is a light weight. BASICLY. How much weed would i need to take to green out? (Throwup.)

  5. magicraker says:

    I think he means, 824´╗┐ years since they invented the hash makinging process.

  6. junaidjaatt says:

    its amazing! you are speaking my mind.. love´╗┐ to know that there are people like me who also hate technology.. I am an ex dopper and now living in Japan, left my country(Pakistan) 2 years back and believe me these two years is worst time of my life! could not smoke for two years.. just waiting to return back to heaven very soon..
    smoke and cheers!
    weed for life

  7. Francesco Becker-Schiavo says:

    you are so´╗┐ lucky

  8. junaidjaatt says:

    Yeah Pakistan-India Himalayas! the motherland of MARIJUANA!!
    I am from´╗┐ Pakistan and we get 25grams for $10 and finest Quality Hash for $15 (25grams)
    Its heaven

  9. Rastapokemon says:

    lol , now i’ve seen this i think im going to live´╗┐ some where in the mountains ­čśŤ

  10. trackerbignose says:

    they are called sebsi used mostly for kif or a´╗┐ mixture of mild organic tobacco mixed with kif . i personally have one and it is one of my favourites to smoke out of.

  11. Smoke4Freedom says:

    eh.. 824 years. That guys´╗┐ exact. Well, seemed like a cool dude.

  12. hotamali says:

    i love this man´╗┐

  13. ontariobuds says:

    what´╗┐ the hell are you talking about? That guy is a hashish farmer, not an opium grower/trader.

    There wasn’ even an AK-47 in the video. You are just generalizing.

  14. chemuga says:

    Its not durgs!´╗┐

  15. Neelas12 says:

    Beautiful mountains behind him! It must be really relaxing for him from time to time to just smoke some of his fine brown and look at the sun go down at night.´╗┐ Without an iPod (or even worse, iPad) and a stupid Toyota Prius. He is doing just fine…

  16. cloud4527 says:

    this cat has it made. ak-47’s and opium to sell, and all the hash n kush you can´╗┐ smoke.

  17. LegalizareRomania says:


  18. sigge951 says:

    hemp was used 8000´╗┐ bc for clothes

  19. JamesAnderyourstruly says:

    Morocco is was a French colonie´╗┐

  20. AbdelMgouna says:

    Its Morocco, how can you not´╗┐ see that !!!

  21. hgzswoop says:

    in marocco they speek arabich
    not french english´╗┐ they speek to

  22. Azenkd Ayoub says:

    lol i think it makes him speak english… cuz in morocco they´╗┐ speak french..

  23. reveresm says:

    “how´╗┐ long is kif been around?”

    “800 years”…2 seconds later

    “824 years now”

    ahahahaha this guy is high with that Moroccan hashish

  24. DAVO1984FI says:

    Can you tell me what´╗┐ is the exact name of the film??It is avaible somewere??
    Thank you

  25. 23423452 says:

    this is a part of the movie hashish, Moroccan movie about the hash there …´╗┐ nice movie