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Faces of Medicinal Marijuana

Four people share their stories about the complications, reasons, stigma, and benefits for their use of medical marijuana. Shot and Cut by Adam Dent Produced…

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15 Responses

  1. 420sonofliberty says:

    I am 53yrs old and i have used medical cannabis for over 30yrs i started
    using it the athe age of 17

  2. MrBooskie3000 says:

    I bet anything that ladies husband has arrested hundreds of people for
    possession of marijuana. Fucking hypocrite doesn’t accept it until his own
    wife needs it.

  3. peter germain says:

    my heart goes out to all of you because i know how healing this plant is

  4. kidsnewsdesk says:

    @MissSuperSonicChik You have no idea of what you speak. Marijuana is non
    addictive just like pain. Give me an example of anyone under the influence
    of Marijuana causing a murder or serious crime. The reason people look for
    marijuana is because they do NOT want to become addicts to prescription
    meds, I am sure you are an avid reader of the Hollywood rag magazines, it
    is full of examples. Prescription meds in the quantities needed by a lot of
    these patients is addictive.

  5. kidsnewsdesk says:

    @bedillman This video is to demonstrate that these are normal everyday
    Canadian citizens suffering from tremendous pain and not “potheads” I pay
    for all meds in some form or another, the health system is not free but I
    do consider it compassionate compared to not having one at all.

  6. aundrea pestana says:

    im sorry to all of you for going through such a hard time. most of all my
    heart is with you Simmi, I hope you and ur family can find an easier way

  7. citi24 says:

    i heard mdma or molly is good medicatiin too?

  8. Sonya Paterson says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me.

  9. kidsnewsdesk says:

    Well done on providing an informative documentary. Support Randy on the
    upcoming Langley Council election.

  10. TheBuddernut says:

    Cannabis is the greatest medicine that has ever been created by God or man.
    No other med in the world can treat the wide array of health issues that
    marijuana can. Thank you to the producer of this video and the participants
    as well. It’s important for others to hear your voice.

  11. donna dee says:

    thanks for the support all 🙂

  12. beeastar says:

    This is beautiful. Well done everyone. Thank U ALL from the bottom of my
    heart… <3 Love and a HUGE Squish, Alison Myrden Federal Medical Marijuana
    Exemptee in Canada The Medical Marijuana Mission Retired Law Enforcement
    Officer Speaker for LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  13. MissSuperSonicChik says:

    notice that they say “there” use of medical marijuana haha like over there
    not their hahaha probably stoned when they typed that

  14. MissSuperSonicChik says:

    you guys are a joke. trying to hide your addiction to pot by claiming you
    need it as medicine. if you need it that bad you are an addict. plain and
    simple. you prey on young people to help you sell. you are nothing more
    than street level dealers trying to get a pass from the government. I know
    lets get the government to give out medical alcohol cards too, then people
    can legally drink on the job and drink and drive, I find a nice cold beer
    eases the nerves sometimes ooh lets call it my medicine!

  15. 123FIREball200 says:

    that one chick must get the munchies alot