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Documentary – In Pot We Trust 9/10

In Pot We Trust tells the story of four medical marijuana patients, against the backdrop of last years Hinchey-Rohrabacher vote. The filmmakers follow MPPs Aaron Houston through the halls of Congress, then join the DEA as they uproot marijuana plants in the hills of California. Marijuana experts such asLester Grinspoon provide insight into the drugs benefits, while prohibitionists Joe Califano and Robert Dupont explain why theyve dedicated themselves to criminalizing sick people. PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com You might also be interested in: Should I Smoke Dope? (a BBC Documentary) www.youtube.com

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25 Responses

  1. dogpile187 says:

    Yeah…what a hero. Thats the kind of people a government needs. When weed is legalized in 5 years and you ask him if he feels a little stupid burning a plant for 10 years and holding back society he will say “I just followed orders”.
    Way better than to educate yourself! Just do what your told.

  2. Joe Walker says:

    oh great 3:27 the stupid plant murderer is back in action…. skip this part.

  3. borack94 says:

    “heres johnny” haha lol

  4. santastock says:

    “we hurt someone today” 6:15 yea you hurt our civil liberties dbag

  5. smokeradar says:

    Free chatroom, free forums, and a free pipe contest each month. no subscriptions 100% free. Smoke radar lets smokers find and talk with other smokers in there area. If you have a YouTube channel we even give you forum space for your channel to talk with your followers.

  6. Wayfarer515 says:

    Our fucking tax dollars paying for federal landscapers…LET IT FUCKING GROW!!

  7. MrNick1537 says:

    good god did he just compare cannabis to meth i think he is fucking high

  8. MrNick1537 says:

    good god did he just compare cannabis to meth i think he is fucking high

  9. Andres Javelly says:

    cutting plants is a succes for these guys

  10. ElMojaoFrijolero says:

    1:02-1:12 Meth heroine and cocaine were once legal and supported by the government, while cannabis was not. These people are full of it and intentionally lie and keep the American people ignorant and therefore we are silenced. It is time for change, to show the american what freedom is. Legalize and let us have our insatiable right to do as we please without harming others. Let us have a voice and let us be heard through reason and selflessness. Let us smoke pot in peace and unity. Free Us!!!

  11. greenytaddict says:

    obviously representatives shouldn’t be holding the fate of cannibas in their hands because they don’t even care that people are suffering without it, they are one day going to regret what they’ve done…thankfulily cannibas can’t be easily rid of 🙂

  12. A Malevolent says:

    Agent Steve Reed of the DEA: YOU ARE 1 FUCKING GARDENER, and not the tough cop you think you are.

  13. Chumbbo says:

    I wish that bundle of pot plants would break, and drop on my house

  14. Chumbbo says:

    Somebody could easily go out drunk driving, under the influence, and kill somebody, and it has happened. I do believe Indica’s should be regulated such as alchohol for recreational use but sativa’s should be totally legal, since one could drive perfectly fine, or even better while using sativa since it give’s you that energy, clear high.

  15. Chumbbo says:

    I agree, the government has put millions,billions, and even trillions of TAXPAYER MONEY as they said earlier in the documentary into prohibition, when the only obvious side effect is probably going to be less of CIGARETTES which are legal, and yes i do agree it does kinda slow the mind, but makes everything more detailed. I have suffered from depression and it helps me greatly, for weeks! And like you said, the government doesn’t want to be wrong. Legalize it, medical and recreational.

  16. MotFot21 says:

    at 6:15 the cop guy even says “we hurt someone today” … wtf?

  17. beanodonnell says:

    yeah how long can they live its not like they have our medicine =)

  18. Lmfaospear3 says:

    see no one really gets why the *HEMP/CANNABIS*plant should be legal it has resources like u can make one of the finest cottons and still is the best cotton in the world but its cheap u can make paper of hemp but instead they cut down trees to make more money mhmm what else u can make houses off hemp in this case its all about fucking money. fucking american laws i swear and all the fucking republicans @ahkoto ur a educated republican but inthis case should be legal anyways.

  19. ScionAscendant says:

    “they used marijuana for a period of years, and they’re not as sharp, after years of marijuana use as they would have been.” Wow, just wow. Talk about anecdotal evidence. It’s interesting that he seems to imply that years of use of any controlled substance wont fuck you up. Prescription drugs kill more Americans per year than cocaine and heroin combined. Weed of course, has never killed anyone. Actually, those being raided by the DEA have an infinitely higher mortality rate than pot-smokers.

  20. ZombiexPanic says:

    2:07 i just wanted to smash my fucking laptop

  21. Chris Ducat says:

    Man, congressman, if only they hadn’t used marijuana they could have been a political hack like you!

  22. bob boberson says:

    If it was even with rep. And dem. It would have passed cus of more votes for by reb. And less against by dem.

  23. rocbola says:

    Steve Reed: “We hurt somebody today”

    Yea, you hurt America, land of freedom, today. Asshole.

  24. TheAmorri says:

    Indeed, just as Hitchens said. 🙂

    These people just won’t see reason.

  25. dread313 says:

    It still won’t make a difference to me. He’s still a bum and I want him out