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Documentary – In Pot We Trust 8/10

In Pot We Trust tells the story of four medical marijuana patients, against the backdrop of last years Hinchey-Rohrabacher vote. The filmmakers follow MPPs Aaron Houston through the halls of Congress, then join the DEA as they uproot marijuana plants in the hills of California. Marijuana experts such asLester Grinspoon provide insight into the drugs benefits, while prohibitionists Joe Califano and Robert Dupont explain why theyve dedicated themselves to criminalizing sick people. PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com You might also be interested in: Should I Smoke Dope? (a BBC Documentary) www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Memento Mori says:

    Hitchens was such a boss! Intelligent heavyweight of the century.

  2. Scott Moua says:

    must b a setup….they always find beans and hot sauce

  3. Scott Moua says:

    she hits it like a champ…

  4. Rachie G says:

    06:27 why is marijuana not legal accorss the board??

  5. Rachie G says:

    01:15 she hit that pipe like a champ. i get the feeling shes been doing it after her teenage year.. Good for her!!

  6. K9Negative says:

    It’s a wonderful idea to have a man who would casually steal another person’s property in charge of enforcing the law….

  7. Joe Walker says:

    Smokers, SKIP past 4:20 to about 5:05 to avoid them murdering hundreds of plants!

  8. MagicQuill75 says:

    Christopher Hitchens = Legend.

  9. MegaBigdawg75 says:

    thats all that the other medicines do. at leat weed dosen’t have all those side effects

  10. smokeradar says:

    Free chatroom, free forums, and a free pipe contest each month. no subscriptions 100% free. Smoke radar lets smokers find and talk with other smokers in there area. If you have a YouTube channel we even give you forum space for your channel to talk with your followers.

  11. Spencerianism says:

    I wish the world could smoke a joint. It might ease some tension in certain puckered assholes.

  12. psychopathicninja16 says:

    I love the first ladys northern accent

  13. ElMojaoFrijolero says:

    Let’s analyze the pros and cons of legalization… pros: taxing generating billions of dollars in tax revenue, millions saved against the war on drugs including federal enforcement, keeping users and growers (some innocent) out of jail and not having the tax payers, keeping drug lords out of our country, keeping the drug out of the hands of our young by regulation, and helping those in need for medicinal needs. Cons: ….? even when legal they couldn’t find any…

  14. JefBoz6622 says:

    The dog the bounty hunter wannabe just stole personal property & ate it on tv… WTF? Back in the days when hemp was legal money for trading, stealing an apple would get your Hand Cut Off. I gotta move to Colorado Or Oregon.

  15. RAFintheghetto says:

    I teared up both times when rhonda and jacqueline smoked weed. When I heard Jacqueline talk, I literally started crying. I know I’m a pussy but that was just so touching.

  16. HawkiePantsOfficial says:

    A “hispanic” farm… maybe, but u also just described the diet of like a billion groovy hippies haha god what a racist, also what a complete pig like troll walking around with that mullet and pot belly eating that food he found, almost a little too hard on the eyes to watch 0,0

  17. matefeedkillrepeat45 says:

    6:47 i literally teared for a second after seeing this girl earlier

  18. Chumbbo says:

    Once you make it illegal, it becomes a problem, if drugs were legal, there wouldn’t be any problems

  19. beanodonnell says:

    do u live in washington or northern oregon?

  20. Andrew Jackson says:

    hahaha newbie smokers are so funny!

  21. sbishop702 says:

    omg. it should be illegal the way they were treating those plants!

  22. Ju Geen says:

    what a dwarf

  23. Jacupuncture says:

    Holy Smoly! haha She smokes better weed than me and legally. Hope its making you feel better, you deserve that.

  24. judas priest says:

    BTW A.C.A.B.

  25. judas priest says:

    Even at the end if someoane will show that its not practical as medicine.. Fuck man she’s happy!!!