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Documentary – In Pot We Trust 3/10

In Pot We Trust tells the story of four medical marijuana patients, against the backdrop of last years Hinchey-Rohrabacher vote. The filmmakers follow MPPs Aaron Houston through the halls of Congress, then join the DEA as they uproot marijuana plants in the hills of California. Marijuana experts such asLester Grinspoon provide insight into the drugs benefits, while prohibitionists Joe Califano and Robert Dupont explain why theyve dedicated themselves to criminalizing sick people. PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com You might also be interested in: Should I Smoke Dope? (a BBC Documentary) www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Notice: I have recently posted my second video on my Channel entitled “Bubble Hash Tutorial” Take a look and leave some comments/questions. Here is the link… www.youtube.com Tokin’ Black Guy explains in detail how to make Cannabis butter (Cannabutter) in a step by step format. Any suggestions and/or questions, you can just leave a comment or message. Thank you guys! ~TBG ps I am a registered medical patient in my state of residence. I also adhere strictly to all local laws governing production/distribution. My tutorials are created for patients by a patient in a humble effort to improve the effectiveness and safety of common methods used. Education over Incarceration…

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49 Responses

  1. daniel wolfman says:

    ya if you grow it yourself without chemicals, or from dispensaries. majority of street boughten cannabis is filled with chemicals specifically windex

  2. GT4X says:

    WOW! He sees more green than the normal human! That makes him NOT normal like most just like marijuana is not natural like most vegetation.

  3. Joe Walker says:

    Hey are we winning the war yet?

  4. Aditya Vernekar says:

    he knows its natural … he said other type of natural vegetation (listen again )… u just hate him dont ya …hehehe

  5. loh1110 says:

    marijuana comes in MANY FUCKING SHADES OF GREEN!

  6. Konicava says:

    That “your brain on drugs” campaign, seriously makes me wanna do drugs, and usually I only smoke weed, but that crap makes me wanna go on a drug-consumption frenzy, using every drug known to man.

  7. HAYDNBBH says:

    guy at 8:20 , 12 joints a day what a champ

  8. roymaitland says:

    Social judgement makes people hide in depression! Funny doctors have to get permission to inject you and one can go on hunger strikes; however one cannot eat a plant or smoke it. I get more carcinogens from cars and campfires then 30 years of smoking marijuana!

    My IQ tested at 142 , English grade 12 math grade 16.5 hand eye coordination above 90 percentile, emotional intelligence above average with significant deviation above average, by Edmonton Charter psychiatrists.psychiatrists at 24 yrs

  9. sofiarenteria says:

    Fucking red neck!!! Working for DEA makes me feel sick!!!!!!!!!! CUT THAT HAIR FAT UGLY GUY!!!!

  10. RobertoBrunati says:

    that dea officer is the biggest retard, hands down

  11. ZorcovsParadise12 says:

    hahaha, the guy at the start of the clip is a traitor of the united states

  12. anUnderachiever says:

    ive seen the ad with the girl smashing stuff. its not even for weed its for heroin or meth lol that guy is retarded

  13. smokeradar says:

    Free chatroom, free forums, and a free pipe contest each month. no subscriptions 100% free. Smoke radar lets smokers find and talk with other smokers in there area. If you have a YouTube channel we even give you forum space for your channel to talk with your followers.

  14. gastank43 says:

    2:57 the words “serving a higher cause”
    First of all that just sound fucking fanatic.
    Secondly: Notice the wod HIGHER in higher cause ^^

  15. Andres Javelly says:

    the cop with the pony tail has a little dick

  16. ObzeRveTheBand says:

    while ford,dupont ,Budweiser & the gas company’s Pay Millions of dollar’s to make sure its NEVER leagalized,Becuse they would Go Bankrupt if we took advantage of the ENDLESS resources we could create from HEMP. The only real way to make it legal is to Rid this planet of the GREEDY Business owner’s!!!!!!!!!!!!! George Washington- “If we as a country ever forget of the Hemp plant as the #1 Most Valuable Farmed resource here,We WILL FAIL AS A NATION!”

  17. Craig Ferguson says:

    haha that steeve reed is funny, soo dumb.

  18. ledzepplinn1 says:



  19. ARon1700 says:

    Lol This Dumbass DEA Detective dude deserves a 2 and a half hour Comedy movie Starring Seth Rogan

  20. TheAnkjavel says:

    “he said som other type of natural vegetation” lol

  21. Lmfaospear3 says:

    steve reed will figure out in 10 years that there own government lied about marijuana used as a miss used drug instead of smoknig ciggs.

  22. mtriggerphishy says:

    I could see Chris Farley doing a skit based on this guy

  23. vivaladanisawsomes says:

    Reed is a disgusting excuse for a human being

  24. xXxPH8LxXx says:

    i know man. and they are fat as shit!

  25. xXxPH8LxXx says:

    they spend so much money trying to put other people out of jobs. shit just doesn’t make sense.

  26. Quagmire113 says:

    Whatta gonna do later go rob the stagecoach???

  27. David Powell says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am going to try edibles this week. My caregiver suggested it for me. Now I know how it’s made. Way cool …

  28. Joseph Murray says:

    Trims are what youve trimmed … Like u said leaves, or even stems.

  29. Zachary Reczek says:

    dumb question….but wut is trim…..is it just leaves off the plant? its not the actuall buds is it?

  30. Zachary Reczek says:

    you get high dipshit

  31. SirSmitty23 says:

    it was a joke..it is a joke how people think they are cool or one a kind because they post youtube videos about weed. In the end its not a smart idea to put your face on a camera doing this. It may look cool but you give the haters that are close to you a lot of ammo. Only amateurs do stuff like this. Im a grown man by the way so drop the kid

  32. ive sim says:

    what is the benefit of eating the butter?

  33. UKnoWhatISell says:

    he cant go to jail for this, read a book kid.

  34. UKnoWhatISell says:

    I think your grammar skills divorced you…

  35. poop poopin says:

    ackin. fit to show out

  36. poop poopin says:

    i think if i get fucked hard enough my dick my divorce itself from my ball sack of wonders (as the ladies call it) go head and ack

  37. SirSmitty23 says:


  38. ArtyCuen says:

    This is a great method. I did it, using leaves and trim, from an Afghan. People could only eat half the brownie. Anything more, and paranoia City.

  39. ArtyCuen says:

    Cali Conn calls it “Original Sour”. Great stuff.

  40. AtomicBl453 says:

    It makes me immensely enthused to see and hear a proper black male that isn’t a worthless thug with the vernacular of a 2nd grader.

  41. rubmag86 says:

    Can i use regular weed, or it has to be dro?

  42. loveganja50 says:

    If you ar interested to buy MEDICAL MARIJUANA, contact me : herbal.research@ymail.com
    Affordable price. Serious buyes only

  43. OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

    Attention whore!

  44. OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

    He’s right, the more u grind weed with an Electric grinder the more the temperature (or heat ?) rises inside and that causes the heat of weed which burns slightly THC, but it’s just an itssy little bit…

  45. OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

    Hahahahah I have the exact same CD scale at 2:44

  46. naterv11 says:

    lmao…that better be a joke. Its a chemical, a blade won’t compromise it.

  47. annetworth says:

    @Annetworth it’s legal in my state washington seattle

  48. ADAM FOD says:

    aha he sounds soo white

  49. lex puri says:

    show us how to make dick butter lol