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Documentary – In Pot We Trust 1/10

In Pot We Trust tells the story of four medical marijuana patients, against the backdrop of last years Hinchey-Rohrabacher vote. The filmmakers follow MPPs Aaron Houston through the halls of Congress, then join the DEA as they uproot marijuana plants in the hills of California. Marijuana experts such asLester Grinspoon provide insight into the drugs benefits, while prohibitionists Joe Califano and Robert Dupont explain why theyve dedicated themselves to criminalizing sick people. PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com You might also be interested in: Should I Smoke Dope? (a BBC Documentary) www.youtube.com

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25 Responses

  1. Nick Raffaele says:

    they should still legalize it.

  2. Frane Strljic says:

    legalize it.
    cause it will be cheaper and monopolized,therefore,more available

  3. Charlsd A. Gallegos says:

    wish you would have a spanish translated version for me to show to my aunt (currently under treatment @ california) and grandma worried tired.. peace

  4. Greenlife711 says:

    *Serious about curing Cancer make or find Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% Δ9-THC Cannabis Oil*
    -“It (THC) works against certain kinds of Cancer’s CURE IT!”
    Dr. Mechoulam, Cannabis/Cannabinoid Researcher 1960-present
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    Dr. Melamede

  5. Jordan Severns says:

    Christopher Hitchens 6:32

  6. geetarabay says:

    Why the fuck are weird looking fucks leading these parades , it’s not helping our case….

  7. geetarabay says:

    1:56 Is that Ozzy Osborne?

  8. angus2021 says:

    Im going to start a weed delivery service. Oh wait I already have one! ahaha!!

  9. angus2021 says:

    pot will be legal when all the old ass mother fuckers die and the younger generation takes over

  10. rockstr1 says:

    actually i believe some of the politicians and anti-drug people truly believe that this is a horrid plant and drug because they have been more or less brainwashed to believe so but the truth is growing and someday soon we will win this war on drugs and we will improve the quality of life for all that choose to use it

  11. Matyme says:

    They don’t want Americans to be happy they want us in pain and on our knees so next time they want to create another war we will all explode like we did last time and agree with them so they can go kill millions of innocent people. Plus I saw a show called “How weed won the west” and they said that the medical companies are trying to patent marijuana, vitamin c, aloe vera along with other herbs to make more bank. It is why they haven’t legalized it.

  12. Matyme says:

    Smoking weed supposedly has a 50% higher risk to get lung cancer then smoking tobacco cigarettes, and I say supposedly because of an article on webMD by Salynn Boyles says, “Shows no increased risk for even the heaviest marijuana smokers”. But of course their are other ways to intake the herb for kids or if you simply prefer not to smoke it.

  13. TheDJkarsy says:

    No, they know a lot about it… That’s why they wont legalise it. If they started using hemp and marijuana as a material for products then all those big companies who pay the government to have their businesses running will go down because of the significance hemp would have on the market. Its all about greed… (and a few others factors which aren’t as big)

  14. videogamenoob100 says:

    vote RON PAUL 🙂

  15. TheSupadancer says:

    I think we need a Planet wide political party, with the sole intent of educating the world about ALL aspets of the canabis plant. It could revolutionise transport, clothing, medicine (lets not go into how the UK gov are saying canabis has no medical property and then telling us to use Sativex) and how if regulated by the Gov would pretty much solve the rescesionary dip in the economy. We need to educate EVERYONE! what say you?

  16. TheSupadancer says:

    Only in the same way exercise, mastubation, studying, playing games are.

  17. MrJabber22 says:

    Man the only people these congress men and women listen to are the heads of oil companies, pharmaceuticals, and banks…they’re bought and paid for and set for life themselves, they could give a shit about real issues affecting real people.

  18. jdotc95 says:

    the union the business behind getting high watch this and you will learn the truth about weed

  19. loh1110 says:

    How the fuck is alcohol legal and weed illegal? Does weed cause people to get belligerent, crazy, and violent?

  20. Konicava says:

    I had totally forgotten on Hitchens on this movie, dude he is my idol, no one is higher in therms of respect, in my mind, that this late, great intellectual.

  21. Konicava says:

    Know something called religion? Yeah, the ones who like that shit also love meddling into other people’s business, and they love perpetrating suffering for no good reasons, so they love the drug war, its just what they like, persecuting innocent people for what they like to do in their private matters.

  22. Chris J says:

    WHAT?!? people are smoking weed?? don’t they know the dangers of it like….uhh…pot makes you stupid..yeah

  23. nearlyace says:

    i don’t smoke weed and i really don’t get why some people care so much about the fact other people smoke it. who gives a fuck lol, let people smoke it in their house. it’s not like it’s going to bother anyone else

  24. MegaBigdawg75 says:

    Actually the smoke from weed does not do anywhere close to the harm tobacco does. In fact there are no cases of cancer, emphesyma, or copd being caused by smoking only cannibis.

  25. mrhempoilsoldier says:

    has anyone else seen the video called leaf?
    the recent discovery of medicine in the male plant is great news for those who cant risk growing stinky dank females. hey the girls are great dont get me wrong, but to findout the juice from the leaves has identical medical value is feakin awesome