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Documentary Cannabis The Evil Weed

Documentary Cannabis The Evil Weed

Video Rating: 2 / 5

The most memorable stoners, potheads and weed fiends in one supercut. Movies include Easy Rider, Scary Movie, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont Hig…

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48 Responses

  1. Pinkamina Diane Pie says:

    lol I just knew there were people who clicked this in rage.
    Drugs are bad.
    Ban tobacco ASAP. You can’t stop people smoking weed. the end.


    can somebody please tell me what the fuck mice swimming to platform has to do with becoming a pysco? too many flaws is this!

  3. IGBO ukwu says:

    fucc you G i love weed watch how you talk about my fav plant!!

  4. Farwin F says:

    oh yeahh…..maybe the sticky icky weed is making you a walking retard…….!lol

  5. IGBO ukwu says:


  6. IGBO ukwu says:

    happy 420 BITCH!

  7. IGBO ukwu says:

    soo many documentaries its hard to tell which ive seen b4 an which i havent

  8. J MOBBZ says:

    im as high as jupiter.

  9. 303hellequin says:

    ‘john’ needs to get over it you live in england mate its a boring rainy country you see alot of people around you who look like shit and its made you give up on life, because you never developed any hobbies because you liked to pop pills and dance till dawn and now if your honest smoking weed is the only thing that stops you stepping out infront of some poor train driver then people will say well he smoked pot case solved sweep the guy up and get that driver into therapy.

  10. 303hellequin says:

    Ever notice the most mental people are straight.

    Infact alot of people who are deppressed about life would do alot better smoking herb than some of the shit they pop from the Dr.

    Also why do i have to smoke bud with high THC, CBD high is non psychosis.

    The most negative aspects are people judging you and a criminal record, people sitting around and achieving fuck all in there life will do that not matter if they toke or not theres a few billon of of them.


  11. gman garrett says:

    ok….wait there are non

  12. shadowfighting88 says:

    Again! You do not understand anything you read from that passage you are obviously cherry picking.

  13. shadowfighting88 says:

    You are impossible to debate with because you are totally ignorant and everything you just said proves it.
    You can not see the facts because you don’t want the illusion to disappear.
    But seriously have you ever heard the saying if it is too good to be true then it probably is.
    You are the most psychotic person I have ever met you jump from one subject to another subject like a true psychotic.
    Do you even think I care what you say about me LOL

  14. shadowfighting88 says:

    Findings:- Use of cannabis was associated positively with both positive and negative dimensions of psychosis, independent of each other, and of depression.
    Which means it DOES causes psychosis.

  15. shadowfighting88 says:

    You are obviously no scholar because you did not understand anything that you read. If you read a little further it is referring to prescription drugs
    “pro-dopaminergic drugs are recommended as opposed to anti-dopaminergic drugs in treating schizophrenia. The fact that canabis intoxication was mentioned was to describe the amotivational syndrome. LOL

  16. aznboi567 says:

    Obviously you are not “I am trying to make people aware that cannabis has side effects.” BULLSHIT because you wouldn’t be saying “weed makes people lazy and they should be punished blah blah blah sand in my pussy”

  17. aznboi567 says:

    If you did your fucking research you wouldn’t be such a fool now would you.

  18. aznboi567 says:

    In addition
    -From PubMed:
    “Negative dimension in psychiatry. Amotivational syndrome as a paradigm of negative symptoms in substance abuse.”

    “In the field of substance abuse, an interesting analogy can be detected between negative symptoms, in their classical meaning, and the amotivational syndrome (AS), which has been described as a form of cannabis intoxication.”

    Be careful defining psychosis in regards to cannabis, because actual effects could be percieved as something else. LIKE THE HIGH

  19. aznboi567 says:

    Meaning, people who have psychotic disorders appear to have a predisposition for substance abuse. And by that case, we can make the case of a false-positive, because if you took people who have a possible higher predisposition, asked them if they did drugs, you can’t make the case that the substance makes the psychosis, because the most likely explanation would have to be that many kids who have schizophrenia happen to smoke pot because they chose to

  20. aznboi567 says:

    It’s a neat design, although it doesn’t really matter, because of POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC!

    Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse

    “While most researchers do not believe that substance abuse causes schizophrenia, people who have schizophrenia often abuse alcohol or drugs…While the prevalence of smoking (tobacco) in the U.S. population is about 25 percent to 30 percent, the prevalence among people with schizophrenia is approximately three times as high.”

  21. aznboi567 says:

    Measurements: “Subjects filled in the 40-item Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences, measuring subclinical positive (paranoia, hallucinations, grandiosity, first-rank symptoms) and negative psychosis dimensions and depression. Drug use was also reported on.”

    So basically their subjects were given a survey on positive and negative aspects of psychoses that they have experienced. In addition, they asked if they had used drugs before

  22. aznboi567 says:

    Goal: “To investigate the effect of exposure to cannabis early in adolescence on subclinical positive and negative symptoms of psychosis.” Methodology: “Cross-sectional survey in the context of an ongoing cohort study.” (Meaning their findings will be correlational, not causational!)

  23. aznboi567 says:

    “Early adolescent cannabis exposure and positive and negative dimensions of psychosis.”

  24. aznboi567 says:

    Like I said, ignorance is the one who thinks correlation is causation. Pure ignorance.

  25. leopardears13 says:

    100 more likes.
    Just 100.

  26. Dillon Summerfield says:

    Check out my channel. I do minecraft animations

  27. xxmotloksuffer says:


  28. lickedclown barf says:


  29. Etienne Duclos says:

    Even if I’ve seen none of this movies except The big Lebowsky, I don’t care about their names.

  30. JT NELSON says:

    even though i knew most of the movies it would help if you titled the movies

  31. Indica Dlr says:

    add surfer dude on the list ~_~

  32. MicGregor says:

    The eighth clip was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, not Clerks.

  33. mellitrom629 says:


  34. mellitrom629 says:

    Big lebows

  35. Guillermo Mimo says:

    It’s the the film: Try to reed three comments below

  36. Paulie878 says:

    What’s the last movie called?

  37. Sam Dearce says:

    What is the 6th movie called

  38. mufcsupporter1 says:

    The Big Lebowski

  39. bustyboy123 says:

    whats the last movie called?

  40. pandabear369 says:

    I had that happen to me but the cherry fell off and lit a spinning firecracker of in my friends car xD

  41. alevisepic says:

    Ends with the dude, nice! Happy smokin…

  42. Jamie Browning Riehl says:

    Totally easy rider. Also, Jack’s reaction to smoking is classic.

  43. Jamie Browning Riehl says:

    Missing Brad Pitt in True Romance.

  44. arsenzoro says:


  45. MckeyNull says:

    jackie brown, its a tarintino film

  46. Oskar Ditzel says:

    I fuckin love up in smoke greatest movie ever and also harold and kumar and pinnaple express

  47. Bartmillz says:

    You know wats funny?? I’ve seen the big lebowskii stoned so many times and I still don’t remember that part lol

  48. Eamonn S says:

    what movie is at 1:44 ?