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Chrome Sparks – Marijuana (Extended Mix)

sorry, im literally in love with this song my music: https://www.youtube.com/user/SamlesThe Pic: http://www.wallsave.com/wallpapers/1920×1200/-girls-with-hea…

JOTW: Legalized Marijuana Jokes

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38 Responses

  1. hayderimran7 says:


  2. Skalozi says:

    What is the guy saying or whatever…..
    I really wana know haha

  3. Victor LM says:

    Rofl “extended mix” its only a 5x repeat…

  4. Rozen Husky says:

    The greatest part is, it doesn’t sound repetitive when you’re high lol

  5. Kristupas Saliamonas says:

    had my most strongest and intense acid trip while listening to this

  6. thomas llanos says:

    Dank ass song!!! Nothing but good times 

  7. Devan Gary says:

    Best shit to blaze/trip too. Prepare for lift off.

  8. Suave J. says:

    Most of us commenting are high

  9. Antony Nolan says:

    Goddamn this song is awesome.

  10. Yung Lean says:


  11. worldcomedyproducts says:

    ive listened to this song so many times that i honestly think i can make a
    100 percent accurate cover of it from scratch just from my head. all time
    favorite song, cannot get it out of my head

  12. IcePriincezz10 says:

    I listened to this song for the first time when I was work yesterday. I
    instantly fell in love and this extended mix is perfect.

  13. Eruch Dah says:

    I like this.

  14. coram007 says:

    Can we get some rifts where its just the bass and the drums doing there
    thing kinda like up front in the begining 0:22 to 0:32 to flavor the beat
    from time to time?

  15. ashtar commander says:

    lighting up :)

  16. Dastan Ahmmed says:


  17. Nicholas Carter says:

    Don’t even smoke anymore but this is truly wonderful. 

  18. Sparkie'sTinyArmy says:

    i need this.

  19. G-wiz Rutledge says:

    I LOVE this song and i appreciate the extended version!

  20. deeedeee08 says:

    take a hit from my bong and listen to the sound <3

  21. Alan Morgan says:

    I feel music in your eyes
    Rainbows, in your ears

  22. ElysiumArchon says:

    great song

  23. Colin Campbell says:

    One for the heads.

  24. Christoph Sacklpicka says:

    thanks so much my friend <3 i'd have done it myself if i wouldn't have
    found it on your channel here!!!

  25. b4x2l82go says:

    420 is today smoke weed all day

  26. gggggggg39 says:

    A good joke teller don’t need a teleprompter…
    let’s smoke one… (Sucker!) You probably should do the same.

  27. BaldingEagle51 says:

    Finally these jokes are being legalized! It’s about fuckin time!

    U been jokin on da dro, u can’t act like you don’t know.

    It’s good that these jokes are being legalized, or you would be penalized.

    OK, we need some proof that you’re telling these jokes for medicinal

    I’ve been telling marijuana jokes since the sixties, officer. I had no idea
    they were illegal, sir, honest.

    In Holland you can already joke all you want, in special coffee shops. In
    the bright of day!

    The title of this clip is ambiguous, just like you!


  28. KandaPanda says:

    yes, they are. i live in Washington state and you wouldnt believe how
    fuckin ignorant people here are about the drug. it’s ridiculous and is yet
    another reason why Americans are embarrassed of Americans

  29. blackturtleshow says:

    Funny stuff!!!

  30. Alan Perry says:

    lol, I liked the bird / wing joke. Great show.

  31. Japan Tobi says:

    Legal Marijuana isn’t a joke, it’s a reality.

  32. TheeBrassMonkey says:

    The music @ 2:36 sounds like my Universal video

  33. bobbie922 says:

    The Devil’s Lettuce!

  34. TheMrtaco777 says:


  35. MrJaoni says:

    Hehheh potty good stuff:!

  36. Lamestream Media says:

    I almost cut that one, but decided this episode needed a solid pun.

  37. Isaac Larkin says:

    The “new study” jokes were great!

  38. AlmightyCannabis says:

    I’m surprised you don’t get more views. Great videos.