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Bubble Hash Tutorial

Bubble Hash Tutorial

Tokin’ Black Guy explains in detail how to make your own medicinal grade hash. By using trimmings from the buds and Bubble Bags that can be ordered online. O…

Here I have refined my method to using only the 20 gallon work bag and the next mesh size to mix in and let settle. Once settled I pull the blue and green ba…

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49 Responses

  1. m2a6n0o0 says:

    Do u mail hash?

  2. ivanlor says:

    This is not a very good hash making tutorial.You should use more bags and more trim. By more bags I mean there are a lot more size bubble bags than “Tokin Black” used. And don’t even waste your time with such small amounts of trim. Juts buy 1 gallon bubble bags for that little amount of trim.

  3. mmjherbal says:

    If you ar interested to buy MEDICAL MARIJUANA, contact me : herbal.research@ymail.com. Affordable price. Serious buyes only !

  4. TheWilkenator says:

    Good video, but there are some improvements to be made. First, once your clippings have dried sufficiently, put them in the freezer. This will help the trichomes fall off easier. Also after you stir vigorously, let that sit for a half hour or so to let the trichomes and garbage separate. If you are using the five gallon, use an oz. or more. The better bud and the more you use the more hash you’ll get. Thanks and stay green!

  5. hydropon420 says:

    Can anyone tell me when it’s best to make bubble has with trimmings like should I do it rite after I get clipping my hole harvest or let them dry a lil first any help would be really nice

  6. apetheicon1337 says:

    Thanks for the vid very informative since i’m new to bubble. I can hear the droning from your inline fans in the backround.

  7. livingshangrila says:

    I highly doubt (heh) that an intradermal application would be the most efficient way to absorb cannabinoids into your blood stream. That being said, dissolve the amount you would want to apply in a few drops of alcohol or vegetable oil. Start with a small amount of the solute, slowly adding drops until the desired consistency is achieved. Apply to skin as necessary.

    If alcohol is used, be cautious because it is inflammable. If you use oil, I would suggest coconut oil for it’s healthiness.

  8. livingshangrila says:

    Do you remember the yield you got off the 18.5 of trimmings?

  9. hitthehazards says:

    I guess I don’t fully understand your question… What is the used plant in the video? It’s definitely Cannabis Sativa… Sinsemilla

  10. hitthehazards says:

    You’re more than welcome

  11. natecole123456 says:


  12. Simon S says:

    I got some hash oil in a very sticky hard play dough form, how can i get it into a liquid form to apply to skin??

  13. bobbos10001 says:

    what is the used plant in this video??
    many sites said glandheads
    other popcorn buds that’s confusing what is the best plant to use to make hash?

  14. fawkinjoocy says:

    congrats its about time

  15. hitthehazards says:

    kick ass! I’m glad I could help ya out 🙂 It does definitely help to be green… stay green!

  16. hitthehazards says:

    I may be but I’m not prepared to go to court for the cause, sorry… and ps. Marijuana Legalization just passed in my state of Washington 🙂

  17. fawkinjoocy says:

    good answer

  18. hitthehazards says:

    Because my publisher says I’m too sexy to be seen free of charge 😛

  19. rufus1089 says:

    marijuana connoisseur 

  20. jpizzle470 says:

    whats a “pothead”?

  21. rufus1089 says:

    not strange…just can pinpoint a pothead 30978378 miles away via youtube

  22. zZ1daniel1Zz says:

    o i just got it, tokin black guy, tokin weed but tokin from south park,

  23. jpizzle470 says:

    what a strange comment… ;)

  24. JX53YT says:

    Nice tutorial, thanks alot, and man, you lokk so much like the signer of rage against the machine O_O

  25. Jeff Holbrook says:

    i know you just didnt put buds in their. -________- SMH

  26. CunnilingusAllDay says:

    at 1:45 it really looks like you got a slug in your bud….

  27. Albert Vasquez says:

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  28. ThePunisher1888 says:

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  29. Kathleen Matheyy says:

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  30. MrDamo99 says:

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  31. CocoKing238 says:

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  32. Albert Vasquez says:

    i love the video but where do you buy the bags, the local Wallmart ?

  33. B. L. Pike says:

    Niiiice, what strain was this? And to the dag who said it’s a waste of weed, obviously you don’t deal with large quantities of quality product, lol because I know for a act these guys have got some personal bud to smoke, and this is their job, making medicine in big batches.

  34. Kayo Odoms says:

    he said you should of showed it up close

  35. freshray420 says:

    good job with the big bags dude,what’s going on lately in the lab?

  36. DarkZidane92 says:

    such a waste of weed

  37. kriskates1 says:

    Did anyone notice how the video goes from 7:39 to 7:41?

  38. x7afroman7x says:

    what the yeild like?

  39. Gilbs2211 says:

    LOL, “Fuckers….” 

  40. seangallacher11 says:

    i would be too scared to do this incase i fucked it up and lost all the weed

  41. jamekididdleshmiddle says:

    this dude sounds like one of the camera men that film porn and talk the whole time

  42. BA11chem says:

    would you not get a better result with fresher trim/grotty bud?

  43. kkush82 says:

    why is there no 7:40

  44. Zachary Meissner says:

    dude you sound like the guy with the afro who used to paint on tv in like the 70s or what ever

  45. DefiledDelta says:

    when i saw the beginning of this video, my nigga look like he was making meth lol

  46. theyfeartheirnames says:

    lol 6:44 ur gonna beet it

  47. StressFreeWorldWide says:

    “reggie bush” as in low quality starting product(meaning the weed resembles a bush, instead of grade A piff/such as og kush etc.). he doesnt know your going to concentrate it down to the key psychoactive agent, in order to provide a cleaner, healthier, tastier, and stronger smoke. Oil is also more mobile, especially across state lines

  48. hasbor says:

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  49. DodgeTheRam92 says:

    dude.. he grows.. its trimmings.. listen to what he is saying.