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Barack Obama and Medical Marijuana (interview Q&A)

Barack answers questions on his position on medical marijuana.

The “Too High to Fail” author makes the case for marijuana legalization.

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50 Responses

  1. Alejandro Naranjo says:

    Barack: “ummm, ummm, ummm, umm marihuana, umm ummm….ummm…umm marihuana”

  2. powerblip says:

    Yea Barack is blazed in this video.


    He smokes it” hahahaha

  4. bbreonlmt says:

    As long as the pot is provided by the Big Pharm companies that own the government. As long as it supports the rich doctors and drug makers. Heaven forbid you grow it yourself.

  5. bbreonlmt says:

    Well said!

  6. JamesBGinaF says:

    You are a dummy if you think the president sets in his office and says I think we should raid some medical marijuana dispensaries thats way below him now if the lobbies push the FBI to pursue an action then they will just like when Bush was Pres. nothing is different Bush had nothing to do with how many raids were performed its just below his pay grade

  7. JamesBGinaF says:

    I agree Pharma corps are in his pockets

  8. JamesBGinaF says:

    I was thinking the same notice how he gets choked up

  9. TheGreatJuicebox says:

    USA a free country….HA

  10. 10290Foothill says:

    He is the one that directs the federal law…so don’t think any different…he is a liar.

  11. MUMS007 says:

    No matter what he says, he is still just a puppet.
    His strings are pulled by a Federal Congress & Senate who themselves are corrupt because they are bought by big corporations who will lose Billions.
    If people can just grow their own drug to help with nausea, pain, depression, anxiety & a dozens of other ailments . then need for over the counter & other types of prescriptions drugs aren’t needed, so it will result in loss of big profits. That’s why the Federal law against it will not budge

  12. arthur scott says:

    is it just me. or does the president look blazed!?

  13. R1ghtAb0veIt says:

    “We got a lot of things for our law enforcement to deal with”

    Then fuck off and lemme smoke my kush

  14. espinozacd86 says:

    Fuck you Obama!!! Die!!!!!!

  15. carl atkinson says:

    The USA still spend millions on busting small scale pot smokers, or growers, via the DEA, yet obama would quite happily allow Dr’s to help sick people by providing pot, which is totally organic, to them, does that make any sense to you?………..

  16. xXxDANMANxXx says:

    What a fucking liar hypocrite get the fuck out of the white house you piece of shit

  17. xXxDANMANxXx says:

    shut up

  18. brayangrif says:

    Chi si fa le canne non si vergogna più di niente, fa del male agli altri e non gli importa niente

  19. Itsmeeman1 says:

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    “cannabis - truth . yolasite . com” website.

    Several hours of videos, legal documents and court results, news reports etc.

  20. Jilly Silly says:

    “REGULATE” = Controll = Not FREEDOM = Totally opposite of the founding father’s interpritation of divine doctrine = Democracy must fall = join the rEvolution = sing “Om” in the dark to call upon our divine parents. Long live the King!

  21. MamaLadybug95 says:

    I hope all you tools know that Obama has ordered quadruple the amount of raids on medical marijuana facilities in 4 years than Bush did in 8. All you people are sheep being blindly led to slaughter!

  22. LoveYouHatingMe says:

    2 states, we’ve already set a milestone, it gets better from here baby! Lets wait to see what states are next.

  23. theSNAPbackKiDD says:

    He’s fucken baked

  24. jean victor says:

    we in school now

  25. Loni Shalton says:


  26. Ismael Aden says:

    Alcohol is even a greater evil than pot…Pot, Alcohol and even Cigarettes are all evil and immoral.

    Cigarettes and Alcohol alone are the sole destroyers of man…How many deaths per year ??? Can you count ?

    Pot is cigarettes, but with an even more destructive motive..A motive to kill off the brain cells and deprive the mind of reality !

  27. VolatileThoughtz says:

    I can’t believe I still see people on Youtube that are so hell-bent in their opposition to Cannabis. I mean, it’s placement in Schedule 1 is completely unjust, there is no reason to  look at it like heroin.

  28. TheTrueHunter says:

    Are you saying that just because a person smokes pot, makes them immoral? I have seen better parents that smoke pot than most alcohol consuming parents. And crack and marijuana are completely different and ill tell ya something, people who smoke pot are people who speak out strongly against hard drugs and tobacco.

  29. Kay Sots says:

    Alcohol and cigarettes are the main causes for cancers and yet are still legal. If they were to be made illegal, recent research shows that Alcohol would be an A class drug and cigarettes B class.

  30. Bowdin Deese says:

    too optimistic, if only he was more somber and evil, id believe he could sell it, or maybe others will be and do the evils of business and ”influence”

  31. Bowdin Deese says:

    what about all the institutions who need to supply thier own and not others, cause all humans and animals are afraid of losing family, and property and food…

  32. napkin74 says:


  33. icandancejuno says:

    i love educated comments like this. thank you my friend

  34. Zach Farrell says:

    Cannabis should be leagalized but then i dont want a lot of people high. I think it would raise money and reduce crime in mexico. I dont want those people dying.

  35. Greenlife711 says:

    Check my channel to learn how & for tons of video proof / many links to SCIENCE.
    Cannabinoid Receptors are in our skin, brain, immune system, intestines, liver, spine, ribs, white blood cells, & bone marrow (STEM CELLS) etc. Without the 600 Million+ year old Endocannabinoid System*, Stem Cells would act like a car without a driver. *Dr. Guy, Executive Chairman of GW Pharmaceuticals, London, UK

  36. Mitchell b says:

    his beard will soon consume his entire face.

  37. Ismael Aden says:

    These immoral crack/pot-heads are on a single mission to corrupt the youth….the real question is, is money more important than morality and the drug dependency of generations of people !!

  38. theyolk25 says:

    LOL more revenue than corn and soy combined my ass

  39. Chipwhitley274 says:

    How is it any different from wine Jesus drank?

  40. Chipwhitley274 says:

    I’d say someone who smokes something which causes Cancer, Lung Disease, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, etc. and they do so willingly because of the addiction which cigarettes cause, is more indicative of something causing people to “… act like a complete dumb fuck”.

  41. JironCFC says:

    I’m gonna guess and say cigarettes are legal and not marijuana, because cigs don’t make you act like a complete dumb fuck

  42. katfish153 says:

    what are your sources?

  43. MrTrendkill42 says:

    oh boy, 2 seconds away from 4:20 length

  44. jmanbloom says:

    so you are cool with your airline pilot smoking pot… I am cool with dying since pot has no negative effects

  45. Zak Brown says:


  46. Greenlife711 says:

    Exactly. If the patient follows Rick Simpson’s instructions (half grain of rice) size doses and works the dosage up, many patients can go through the whole treatment and never even get high. But that is also where CBD can come in. When using a high CBD oil or a good strain with high CBD in it , all the risk for mental issues disappears. CBD alone has shown extremely promising results as the cure for schizophrenia and all mental issues! So even if a patient is disturbed by THC, CBD can cure them!

  47. icandancejuno says:

    i thought cbd in the plant helps it not be triggered? correct me if im wrong im all for learning.

  48. icandancejuno says:

    yeah it has? it only triggers it.

  49. icandancejuno says:

    poeple could be cured and they dont even have to be high its a wonderplant.

  50. darkilas345 says:

    i give a fuck