Joe Rogan talks about Marijuana and DMT

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Joe talks again about the history of Marijuana in our country. Drugs illegal and legal. The most interesting topic he talks about is DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)…

the history of marijuana.


VoiceOfGood says:


belgiumarthur says:

Those, people are stupid. You have to be in a safe environment with a tripsitter.

Daniazco says:

And LSD?

headlightguy says:

alcohol is a nasty sloppy high ….i cant stand drunk fucks 

MyUSReport says:

could you pn me a link or some sort of detailed instruction. thank you for the information anyways!

Christine Brinkley says:

Never heard of anyone jumping out of a building and killing themselves because they thought they could fly on weed…acid however….

Christine Brinkley says:

I dare someone to try that. lol

Christine Brinkley says:

Does anyone know if there is a difference between DMT we create in our brain, and the DMT that is smoked? I want to know if there is a difference in terms of the drug being illegal?

Kingofgrowers says:

Carl Sagan smoked weed for the last 30 years of his life….and he was brilliant….

312Vibrant312 says:

If you’re having trouble finding it, its extremely easy to synthesize with a few easily obtainable ingredients. Most people use either mimosa hostillis or acacia confusa and extract it using vinegar, naphtha(ingredient in lighter fluid) and lye.

Sean Greaves says:

Cannabis is full of carcinogens like tobacco

xbOmBuGGzx says:

@belgiumarthur actually, those are probably more harmful. You can overdose if you take too much & even X has caused deaths. You’d have to smoke about 1,500 lbs of weed in about 20mins to overdose.

akcasey19 says:

So basically if you are the boss of a newspaper company you can change law

MyUSReport says:

how can i get my hands on DMT :s most people dont even know about DMT in Germany!

mgmt12121 says:

So true :)

belgiumarthur says:

Lsd and xtc are almost harmless. Even weed does more harm…

roidedhulk says:

Brilliantly said! So damn true..

4pl3x says:

LDS is awesome, kinda like shrooms but an even higher psychedelic experience but it is not natural like weed, shrooms or dmt so i don’t think LDS is as good for the brain as shrooms are in the long run.

OdachiTetsunoko says:

what about lsd?

bugariu bogdan says:


ArchiPepper says:

Don’t forget ecstasy and LSD!

JonnyMacEachern says:

Added to the playlist.

xboxretard199 says:

the truman show??

twitch0689 says:

Completely agree

Wiromax3 says:

HOLY SHIT! those trumpets scared the shit out of me!

0wormer0 says:

6:50 Mom : I was so proud of him(for killing people)
7:00 Mom : My heart broke(because her son sold one of the least dengerous substance in the world)

Am I fucked up, or world was(and still is) fucking creazy???

nintendude1994 says:

I feel bad for my parents and all the other people in the age that smoked that haha

ImAman555 says:

he looks like doctor octopus lol

MrKevMan says:

Lets see here. You force me inot a life or death situation that is based on a lie? Fuck you!

galacliva says:

hahaha so thats where the term shotgun hit came from.. nice

nicoriot23 says:

Drugs: 1 America: 0

PadraicSR says:

jesus look at that dirt ass weed. did you see it jesus?

sandfordhilldave1 says:

6:20 – my heart goes out to you bro.
50 years! F**k me!!

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